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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Diamonds Are Forever...

Diamonds are women's best friends...maybe not true to all but I still have to meet a woman who does not appreciate diamonds!

In one of my Friday Haiku when I announced here that I Said YES, I was wearing the diamond ring which IT Guy gifted me for our engagement. I was not expecting it to be that big...well I was not expecting anything at all!

Now this is kind of funny because honestly, I have several diamond rings already. Some were gifts from my parents...some from friends and most of them my gift to myself...if you get what I mean. I can only imagine how hard it was for the IT Guy to shop for a ring since he knows I am into jewelry...and despite my experience with it I'd say it is always a challenge to shopping for diamonds!

Today a friend of mine asked me if I can help him get an engagement for his gf. Now I'm sure he is not alone in this world, and in as much as I'd love to ask the IT Guy to share how he was able to get an excellent ring...I'd rather not! LOL

Online shopping is not just about is also getting more options at more reasonable prices so I told my friends to check diamond rings online. In fact there are online stores which allows you to build your own engagement ring making you choose from the type of diamonds according to your budget to the type of setting according to the style which you think would fit to the personality of your fiancee to the packaging! Delivery is taken cared of and hassle, you get them at a very reasonable prices!

These online store don't just sell engagement rings, but all sort of diamond jewelry! You may want to try creating your own earrings...rings...pendants and what have you! Just an amazing and easy way to add to your collection!

Why don't you try and get yourself are forever!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On Commitment...

My Wordless Wednesday is below this post.
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I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine.
Song of Solomon 6:3

I started my week with my Fun Monday post on Love and Marriage. For this week's Word Filled Wednesday I chose a verse which resonates that topic.

This verse though viewed mostly on King Solomon's relationship with Shulamite this also describes God's relationship to us.

This talks about faithfulness, commitment and exclusivity in a relationship not just with our beloved here in this world.

The moment I was able to read this verse with joy in my heart was the moment I know I am ready to get married. I may not know what commitment is in its total essence but I know that in every relationship as long God is part of the union things will always be easier.

Celebrate with us
and join us
as we share inspiring Bible verse
at Word Filled Wednesday

I wish you all a blessed Wednesday!

Life Is Like a Piano

...what you get out of it depends on how you play it.

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Left Handed in Me...

“The right half of the brain controls the left half of the body. This means that only left handed people are in their right mind.”

Don't breath on my neck please...that was just for fun!

Susan the Wellness Writer just made a post for left handed people. It was quite interesting to know that her post was like a section of my life. I have known her for almost a year now and did not know she too is left handed like it by coincidence that we two share several passions?!

Like Susan my Mom also shielded me from people who might try to force their way on me...being right as the only way to some people. She made sure that in school my teachers would let me do my thing in my own ways. I also should mention the fact that I am not the only one left handed person in the Grandma is...and I have several cousins. Being a left handed in the family is like a badge of honor...they always presume that it is our ticket to academic achievement...success in arts and excellence in almost everything that we do. For the most part I have struggled and made their presumptions accurate...but not all the cousins in the family followed the trend!

I grow up without feeling alienated at fact I never felt different but rather special. Teachers and friends seemed to be in an awe every time they see me write with my left. Some can't seem to accept it...LOL I guess that is because I have also developed and learned to acquire some skills using my right...for instance I play the guitar with my right hand...and just can do with both in some chores such slicing...cutting...sweeping...etc!

One advantage I have though was in sports. I was into Taekwondo as most of you know and though my opponents can't seem to guess if I am left handed or not, they most of the time have a hard time blocking attacks from my left...while I can block their right.

Susan ended the first part of her post by asking people if they are left handed and how it affected them...aside from the other things I have mentioned I would never think of it as something to my disadvantage. The only challenge I had then was sometimes not all classroom have arm desk for left handed people...but no big deal really!

I was trying to make some quick read on the Internet about the topic and found an article about left handed people...though I'd say the article is quite old yet the author wrote something there that is quite unfair for us, and let me quote her first few lines --

Statistics show left-handed people are more likely to be schizophrenic, alcoholic, delinquent, dyslexic, and have Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, as well as mental disabilities. They're also more likely to die young and get into accidents. So if evolutionary theory dictates survival of the fittest, why do lefties still exist?

Wow! What kind of question is that?! I'd love to know Susan's follow-up post on this topic.

I will not answer that, but just as I opened this post with a quote, I would like to end it with the same --

“Left-handers are wired into the artistic half of the brain, which makes them imaginative, creative, surprising, ambiguous, exasperating, stubborn, emotional, witty, obsessive, infuriating, delightful, original, but never, never, dull.”
- James T deKay and Sandy Huffaker from The World’s Greatest Left-Handers: Why Left-Handers are Just Plain Better than Everybody Else

Typing with a left hand,

Monday, April 27, 2009

Of Love and Marriage!

It's Monday morning here already...and I'm here back to doing my Busy Monday combining all three different memes making Mondays always Fun full of Music though sometimes Manic!

Fun Monday this week is hosted by Hoosier Girl of Coffee Table and her topic for this week is Love and Marriage. She said --

I have been married twice, once for 14 years, once for a year (long story, for those of you who don't know me). And now I am mid-40s, involved with a wonderful man, contemplating marriage for a third time. So what I want to know is: what do you consider important to a good marriage or relationship? Tell us a story of something endearing about your marriage or your parents' marriage. Include any wedding pictures or images of love that remind you of what a good relationship should be.

Well...I'm not married yet but soon to be! Sometimes I still sit and wonder what has made me finally say yes...when for more than half my life (I'm 29!) I never believed with it...yet I just have to mention here how blissful my parents' marriage is.

I have not much to share on the topic as I am still my way there yet allow me to share some of my tales of love...

I met the IT Guy in a business meeting about 7 years ago. It was on a Chinese New Year in an Italian restaurant. It Guy is very smart and for the record, unlike other engineers here he is quite conversational and can shift to different topics. He was 30 then and was single. Amazing to know that we have common friends which let us go out several night after that first meeting. One party we're together we got into this dare thing about sending flowers to men. No big deal for me I can send anything to anyone...was my statement. The next morning...he texted me something where's my flowers?! I was like...oh my...did you dare me?! LOL

So I sent him 3 white roses that day...

Then a card the next day...

And some little something on each day that follows...

He was red at the office every morning! LOL Though we still get to see each other and talk on the phone this whole time he never told me to stop...

I almost got tired of it that after like 30 days I sent him a big card with all the receipts of the items I sent to him with a note saying I've spent so much already I need to collect!

Then I got a call from him and asked me if we can have dinner...sure thing we always go out with friends...then he said, not just us! I was like okay...will you pay me?! He just LOL

So there we are in that fancy restaurant having dinner...enjoying the chat and all. I almost forgot our little war joke when he got the bill and took his card and told me I'm paid!

I was like...oh my, the man of my dreams! LOL Honestly he got me there...rarely I met a guy who can keep up with my BS and he did...and that started our 6 year affair! ;)

What lasted us this long is the fact that we always communicate...pissed or sad we always tell each other our thoughts...silent treatment just don't exist in our relationship. I hate that...and cannot stand it. Shout at me if you will as long as we keep talking! :P Also we try to attack issues and issues only. We try not to bring insecurity issues get in the way and remember and remind ourselves if we have to, that whatever we argue about at the end of the day we are here for each other. Something like that! LOL

And last thing is that (and I know this will sound weird) we both believe in love as a decision more than a feeling. We decided many years ago to be here for each other and we will uphold that decision everyday...

People ask me why I love him...I don't know...all I know is I have him for some selfish reason. He makes me happy! If that is what love is then I love him...

And of course Monday is never complete without some Music to WARM our hearts, so here is Frank Sinatra's Love and Marriage!

Love and marriage, love and marriage
Go together like a horse and carriage
This I tell you brother
You cant have one without the other

Love and marriage, love and marriage
Its an institute you cant disparage
Ask the local gentry
And they will say its elementary

Try, try, try to separate them
Its an illusion
Try, try, try, and you will only come
To this conclusion

Love and marriage, love and marriage
Go together like a horse and carriage
Dad was told by mother
You cant have one without the other

For more FUN...WARM (Manic)...and Music...please visit the following wonderful sites --

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But the way, my new site on Beauty and Wellness is up. That is open to guest blogger and if you have anything to share related to the theme, just drop me a mail!

I wish you all a great week!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday After Fun

Remember that birthday party for my goddaughter last Friday? Yes we made it! After last minute gift buying we made our way there!

Below is Sean and myself! ;)

This is my Raine Chiara my goddaughter, isn't she lovely?! She just turned one!

It was a pool party! And Sean is crazy with water...and here he is with IT Guy as his lifeguard! LOL

Sean not wanting to leave the we have to call Mom to pull him out!

All in all it was fun! Though my trip to Bohol with IT Guy did not push through I still have something worth to do for my work leave. After the party I went for a massage...a two-hour massage!

And now...for my weekly Unconscious Mutterings!

  1. Soul :: Body and Soul

  2. Fold :: ...up!

  3. Breakup :: makeup!

  4. Will :: Last Will and Testament

  5. Fond :: ...of YOU?!

  6. Powers :: ...That Be

  7. Ho-hum :: (((BORED)))

  8. Hustle :: ...and bustle!

  9. Avenue :: New York's 5th Ave!

  10. Tower :: Eiffel Tower

Wish you all a great Sunday!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Home Safe Home


This week's photohunt made me think of just one topic - home security. This is a highly dynamic topic which could mean so many things to different people and amazing how it has evolved these years!

It used to be that guard dogs were enough to provide people home security!

Though I will admit Mozart here (I love this pet and I miss him!) was never tasked to guard us because he is always inside my room! LOL

Then it has moved to some level when people put up secure cameras in their gates!

See the camera? It's on the upper right side of the gate. This is not our home though...for one I will not put up a security camera too obvious to be seen. Yet on another thought the camera could deter crimes...maybe! Anyway took this photo in one of my so happened I had my camera with me.

I did not take this for photohunt then, but was just amazed on how people would willingly show anyone they have a security camera...but then again this could deter crimes!

Then as I was digging my old photos I found something more serious...

There! You see a security camera with some motion sensor and wires which are electrically charged! I don't really know how it's called I can't remember how IT Guy referred to it but I gathered it can electrocute or give anyone an electric shock. This make me think how people feel unsecured and how we get paranoid when it comes to home safety for our families.

And this is Mariposa's take on this! LOL

I'm a bit more advanced...not sure if tells you how advanced my paranoia is...or if I just jumped into the bandwagon! There are just so many home security gadgets nowadays.

Not really sure how ready household in the Philippines for this level of home security. I don't really care if they break into my house and take everything as long as they do it when there is no one at home!

And last thing, whichever measure we take and however we take them, they say the way to be safe is never to feel secure...

See what "protect(ion)" others have, visit PhotoHunt's HQ!

I wish you all a safe and happy weekend!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Busy-ness!

so much to do with
so little time, i'd sure rant
but i ain't got time

Please don't forget to visit other people's wonderful haiku at
A Mommy Story!

Happy Friday everyone!

Things To Do

It's 6:46 in the morning here and I'm up with a splitting headache! Allergic rhinitis is just a P!T@ and it's timing great, NOT!

Anyway...I have several things to do today. I rarely keep a list for real but these things are urgent, like I have to do it today or never.

Today is the birthday of my goddaughter! She just turn 1 today. I'm bringing my nephew to her party...IT Guy and my SIL (sister in law) will be there. I haven't bought any gift yet, so at 10AM just when the mall opens I will rush my way there and grab something for Rain (yes, she's got a cute name!). IT Guy also wants to go swimming with the nephew after the party so I have to get Sean (the nephew) bathing trunks. Me? Oh no, I'm not going swimming with the children...LOL We were supposed to go out of town today but ah, some changes with IT Guy's schedule that we just decided to do it next month when we turn 6 years.

Another thing is I've been looking for some really cute maternity dress. Not for me though...but for a dear friend. We've been friends since college days and I just share her joy with her pregnancy. It took her 3 years to work on this one...God is really good!

She is based in Singapore now and wants me to come over next month to attend her baby shower. So I've been battling inside my head on what to give her. Yes I mean HER because for the baby stuff IT Guy seems so good at it that he took care of it last weekend. (Oh boy, is it telling me something?! LOL) I want to give her something...she mentioned how she gained weight through this pregnancy and can't believe how her size jumped to several I went around the net and saw this awesome site which caters for plus size women's clothing...ahem, I think it will be more appropriate to say I have finally found a site which sells awesome clothes with all sizes available! ;)

I found this Maternity Print Tunic and I think this is just great for her! It's cute yet it fits her...and well it's a tunic so she can pair this one with a nice trousers or just wear it itself, after all she is a little shorter than me so I think that will just do for her! I think the print will make compliment her skin tone plus, they're small just perfect! Now I just have to check on its delivery terms, yet IT Guy...who is rushing me to the breakfast table now told me he will take care of the shipment and all! What a darling he is...LOL

And this shouldn't come as a shock to some people since I really do online shopping a lot...and bother so many people with my I have to ask friends in the US and Europe to accept it for me and they just ship it to may be reading this and thank you for bearing with me and hope you won't get tired of me! So fellow awesome bloggers have been my culprit on this too! LOL

Two things down for today...will just one I still have to go to the mall!

Okay...time for my breakfast!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Give Thanks!

Another day to celebrate God's grace!

Happy Thursday post is a little bit early today. If you are here for my Wednesday memes kindly click below to get to the respective post --

WORDful (less) Wednesday

Word Filled Wednesday

I am so happy today with so many things to be grateful for!

First and foremost I'm so grateful for the gift of life and good health.

I'm grateful for the gift of family and friends.

I'm thankful for the opportunities He has given me to explore my career potentials.

I'm thankful for all the unexpected income which came our way!

I'm thankful for having the time and energy to do my home improvement plan which I'd be posting about later.

I'm thankful for mind may be too overwhelmed to remember all of them, but truly they're all in my heart.

What are you thankful for?

Please check Thankful Thursday
d together let us celebrate
all the
things we should
be grateful for!

With a grateful heart,

House To Home (Planning Stage)

I am just too excited not to make a post on my most recent project at home improvement plan! As I have mentioned in one of my Fun Monday post on bedroom walls and bathroom I try to change my home design according to season. It's summer here and I feel the need to move around stuff to accommodate the warmth and the sunlight!

The very important thing to consider then making a home improvement is organizing one's thoughts and ideas! This is quite hard for me yet so necessary or I end up having too many colors in my hand and I might need an instant extension of the house just to accommodate my decors...LOL

One's you have made up your mind on what you want to do (major or minor) and the areas of concern, you have to determine your budget. To some, this may come first yet I believe there are so many creative ways to make our goals happen without spending so much.

For my project I only target the living room, the porch and maybe about 10% of the kitchen. I won't be doing anything major on them all though, just some few touches on the interior designs which would be mostly on changing colors!

My main goal is...creating space! I need to re-organize the furniture and fixture of these rooms and decorate one room at a time.

I just picked lemon yellow as my inspirational theme for the living room and will look for some earth tones that would go with it for the porch. This shouldn't be so hard for me as I do crafts. I am so excited to showcase my own work to compliment the new design of these rooms...

Next part that needs a little make-over is the kitchen! Me think we need a new kitchen sink! I found some interesting design and make of sinks there. We will be going over each kind this weekend to decide what we need for the sink here. We are only replacing two of the kitchen sinks for now and will see how it will go.

I can't wait to post photos on the outcome of this project. I am giving myself a time line 12 days. A bit tough but well, I need to waste some energy right?!

What about you? What's your home improvement story? Care to share? Any tips?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Walk with Confidence

My WORDful (less) Wednesday is below this post,
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I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
- Philippians 4:13

This week is quite challenging for me. I am making a bold step in defining my career. In times when unemployment and economic challenges are affluent it is quite hard gather strength in deciding to leave one's existing job. It takes so much confidence!

Confidence is one word that I've been reflecting on this whole week and I'd like to share with you. I've been presented another opportunity with another organization, nothing definite, nothing grand, yet something in me wants to move somewhere and start again...and I'm doing just that. Despite the willingness of myself to jump to another plane a part of me worries and is is always wise to look ahead but difficult to look further than you can see, and that is what's holding me back.

Yet, Philippians 4:13 reminds me not to be afraid. It gives me the strength...the confidence and the will to move walk on, for He is with me. Confidence as dynamic as it is draws the line between accomplishment and failure. For some people who has been living in inferiority life can be a continuous struggle for competence and acceptance. For some people it gives me the will to live despite all!

We as followers of Christ should exude confidence. For the Proverbs 28:1 says, "The righteous are as bold as a lion." Therefore we should be able to fight insecurities and doubt and confidence should dominate our lives. And that is possible through Him.

Some people find me too bold and overly confident at times. I never felt that way inside though. All I know is that I practice due diligence in my work and in my life. And everyday I pray to God to let me live the life He wanted me to have.

Last night I re-read the book What Makes a Winner (More Principles from the Bible for Business and Life) by Robert Tamasy and how timely that he opened his book with this same topic -- CONFIDENCE.

He summed up the section on the following reasons why we should have confidence in our dealings;

1. We can be confident because we have unlimited access to God.
2. We can be confident because God is in control.
3. We can be confident because God is our total adequacy for any demand placed on us.
4. We can be confident because God is assures us that He will complete what He has begun in our lives and that He will never leave us or forsake us in the process.

How blessed we are!

Celebrate with us
and join us
as we share inspiring Bible verse
at Word Filled Wednesday

Hugs and Blessings,

IT Matters

So...let's talk about I.T. then!

If you know me personally it wouldn't be too odd for me to be talking to you about information technology (IT). In fact I should be talking to you about it in most times as my profession revolves around it and as well as IT Guy's.

There have been several times that I did attempt to bring IT here. One was when I did a post on how to do Mr. Linky post. I promise to post more tips...some easy tricks such as making a different image appear on a click through among others!

But today will be I.T. Matters as far as my personal life here is concern. Yes, I'm talking about blogging and my BLOG world...this world wide web of ours!

How much of you have gotten so much into blogging that you seem to consider getting your own domain and stay away from or urls? Did you ever thought of getting your own? I know some who already did!

For the past weeks now I've been contemplating of getting my own domain. Next question in mind though is where will I host it? We can still do it through Blogger or Wordpress for me right? The more questions raced inside my mind...such as - Will I have not have a hard time informing other bloggers of my new URL? Will they bother update their links? Will they lose me? Will I lose them? Then all of it just seems too much that I just STOP in the middle of everything.

So here I am still
on blogspot!

Yet, last week as I was updating my resume and was contemplating on getting a domain name for myself (I mean the corporate Mariposa!) upon the IT Guy's suggestion I went through the same motion I did when I thought of getting my own domain for this blog.

I got to this
webhosting site directory! They have a list of affordable web hosting providers. Another thing which I discovered is that most of those organizations provide multiple domain hosting which means we can have several domains (sites) hosted under one account. So if your site is just for pure blogging and some personal stuff, getting this kind of web hosting service would be great!

Another area of opportunity I saw is trying to earn modest amount of cash from your blog enough to pay for the domain and web hosting service. Well this is a bit easy and doable once the site or the blog has reached certain exposure which mostly is determine by the number of people linking to you, traffic or number of people visiting your site and of course how often you update your site's content. All these in a nutshell is what this SEO (Search Engine Optimization) all about.

Most of you may have heard of it and for those who have not, you may want to check this blog on
SEO and Website Design. My site has been here for a little over 3 years now and though it has passed several winter seasons in blogging I'm glad to know it has survived! And after a long time of ignoring potential income in the can now see some Google Ads posted in the sidebar. I'm just trying it out and see what it gives me!

Another thing I did is signing up at PayPerPost. They say you get paid to blog the things you love so why not?!

Curious? Try it!

Hugs and Kisses!

My Love For Shoes a love that knows no bound!

Call this a confession of a shoe addict if you will...but for me it is just as simple yet as necessary as breathing! Ha!

Mariposa's weakness aside from butterflies is SHOES! Yes, you read it right, SHOES..footwear, it whatever!

I think for years now I have spent so much for shoes that if I am to sum up the receipts, I'm guessing it would be more than enough to pay as down payment for cars! And I mean modest cars...not the BMW or Mercedes Benz okay? ;)

I just can't help it, I keep buying shoes and I don't get to wear them all! I get to buy at least a pair every week...or make that every time I go to the mall. That is on top of the scheduled shoe shopping that I do on occasions and seasons. No wonder I get to accumulate this much of shoes! To be honest I have not counted them all so I really do not have a clear number plus I tend to toss them out too soon sometimes!

I have posted some of my shoes here yet I can't stop myself from posting them again. So here is some of my Manolo Blahnik shoe, Sex and the City has nothing to do with it, I love them already even before I started watching it and well, I've only watched the movie anyway!

These are my formal corporate Manolo Blahnik shoes...which I rarely wear if at all lately.

Yes I have a thing for high heels. I have been on high heels since I was 16, I was first year college then. Anything below 3 inches is not high heels for me! There was even a time I can't seem to walk on a flat I wear elevated flip flops! So crazy I am! Though lately I admit I have mellowed on it and just wear flat to mid-heels at work. Just trying to preserve my legs, heels and soles! LOL

Funny that a pair of really nice shoes make us feel good in our heads - at the extreme opposite end of our bodies.

~Levende Waters

So ladies, what's the highest heels you've ever worn? Have you had to wear painful...but gorgeous-- ones to a party? Because I did...many times! What can I say, my love for shoes goes beyond any sense of comfort...LOL

So there the confession of my heart...the other love of my life of which I am so lucky to embrace by the IT love for shoes!

Happy (not so) WORDful (less) Wednesday!

If you are participating in Wordless Wednesday and Wordful Wednesday, please sign up your entry's link below!


Thanks for IT Guy for adding to my shoe collection! What a keeper he is!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bed Stories

For FUN MONDAY please scroll down...

Lately I'm really trying to take good care of my health and one major key is a good night sleep...or for my case a good sleep! It's quite a simple formula. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night and in between I try to occupy myself as best as I can, ha! And it requires a comfy pillow and the warm company of a cozy bed...less the IT Guy, he stays in his own bed. LOL

I've been complaining about this pain in my back and IT Guy keeps telling me that it could be my bed. I love my bed...and it never occurred to me to think that it's what's causing my pains. It's quite comfy for me, huge and I can toss and bounce on it, no problem!

Yet he was right! It could be my bed...

Body impressions is what it's called...just as we have this so called thing ergonomics in our office furniture we also do have that concept with bed. Amazingly we neglect it most and yet we spent our most time in bed!

Last weekend was a lazy weekend and I just stayed home watched movie with the IT Guy and he brought with him his camping air mattress. Quite big, handy and comfy! I've seen it in TV and in the mall but I never dared try it...and now it's left in my room...asked him to leave it. LOL Sunday afternoon while my nephew was playing at the garden, IT Guy and I decided to have a little picnic there using the air mattress. Now this is one item we have to include in our list every time we go camping. And last night, I end up sleeping on it (And boy it made me pass out too soon or was I just tired?!)...and not on my bed...not really sure if it's really that comfy or just the fact that it has my guy's essence!

What about you, what's your bed stories?!

Monday Inspirations

My Monday is quite late than the usual please excuse me as I was really having a Manic Monday!

this week wanted us to post Fun Monday Artwork and her lovely mandate was...

Take your camera to work and take pictures of the things that inspire you as you work or that inspires your coworkers. Ask them (or yourself) what it is about that particular object or picture that makes the work day seem a little easier.

If you don't work outside the home, take a picture of the thing that helps you get through the day and inspires you to have the best day you can.

I am not sure if I can post several from the workplace, but here goes one I got in our conference room;

We have those signage and this particular one is on Team Work.

This is the only one I've got though we have several around the center and it helps to be reminded of what the company's values are, especially when the department in-charge of putting them up forgets to practice...ahem!

Below is not an artwork at the workplace...but a road signage, yet I always love this one since IT Guy showed this to me. It should make every traveler smile and drive safely knowing their loved ones are waiting for them back home!

I hope you all excuse my hurried and last minute post...and please check Sayre for more wonderful artworks!

And of course, Mondays will never be complete without music...and so here is my take for Music Monday, Something In Your Eyes by Dusty Springfield. This song was written by Richard Carpenter after Karen died. I really love this song...

There was a certain face
That filled a thousand nights
With all the sweetest dreams and promises
Of paradise
But that face was gone
When the dawn would come and steal you
Yet I still could feel you
Waiting just a kiss away

I'd surely know your face
When love would cast its spell
I'd recognize each curve and line of you
I knew it well
Now at last you're here and I can tell

(*) Something in your eyes it seems
Is all I've ever wanted
(And) Something in your smile for me
Is calling out my name
Your eyes, it seems,
Are mirrors of my dreams
In ways I can't explain
And my heart will never be the same

We never said a word
As if we'd always known
That through the bittersweet of waiting
We were not alone
Now we're close enough
For the touch of love to find us
Fantasies designed us
But they never really could
Begin to measure you
No pictures ever do
And as I watch you framed in sunlight
And a sky of blue
I know what my life's been leading to

This song always make me cry...for some good reason of course!

Wish you all a great week ahead!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another Lazy Sunday

Not just today but I'd say the entire weekend...though I'd say I was able to cover some things to do on my list.

Few weeks ago I had some allergies in my legs, got some red marks on both lower legs...causing me to wear pants since I get back to work after the long holidays. Just ugly!

It's no big deal to me really since I'm used to getting those...just that it gets a bit irritating at times! That is one problem of being Asian, we are prone to hyper-pigmentation after an inflammation. So yesterday morning I finally decided to hurry and solve my issue and went to the dermatologist. and while I was waiting for my turn, the IT Guy kept snapping photos...and looks like I just have to share them here to recognize his efforts...yes we he got bored! LOL

So finally, my turn! And well, she's nice (the dermatologist I mean!). She said it's just post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. And since there are no more itchiness nor redness she, like me, just wanted to get rid of the blemishes. So she gave me a set of exfoliant...and told me we need to do some laser cool, no worries!

So there I was in the operating/procedure room...and then they told me instead of the laser per dark spot procedure they're going to do fractional resurfacing pixel and some form of skin rejuvenation...all for $300. Sure, no big deal! Yet...and I have to say this is the one that bothers that, she never told me about it the whole time. Even the time she was putting in the set of exfoliant she was giving me, she never bothered to tell how much they cost. My take on the matter is...does she do that to all her patients? Are all her patients rich enough to cover everything she will eventually charge them the moment they walked out her clinic? Or it only happens to me?! Because this seems to happen to me every time! In salons! And for the most time, okay, maybe all the time I just suck it up and allow them and just wonder later on what happened to my cash.

Well, for the first time I found courage to say...hey stop...that is not what you told me you're going to do to my legs. You have not explained to me yet the entire process...what does it do, what are the things that I'd be not allowed to do after and most of all, how much! is safe and nothing to worry and only $300. can use your credit card...or you can just withdraw from the ATM and come back! Is that not extortion in milder form?!

First of all I know what a resurfacing do...and oh my, my legs do not need it! I just have little blemishes which to be honest will not bother me enough to wear skirts! I went there to make sure it does not happen again...and to ask what caused it in the first place! I don't need some peeling and fact I'm going to the beach in a week time because I love to be under the sun...I love being tanned. And she did not even bother to tell me if I do undergo those procedure/treatment whatever I can't be in sea water and be exposed to the sun. Did she bother to tell those? No!

Anyway, I left with her items in that little paper bag costing me $150...for a soap, little lotion and a cream. I honestly think I don't need these...

IT Guy was LOL the whole time we're on the way home. First of all he was shocked I said no...because I don't know how to say no. Second...just WOW for her odd ways. $300 is a 3-month income for most people here...and just how sad that others will just spend those to peel one's legs to get rid of some little blemishes! And ha, I need to get that procedure every 2 weeks...I'd say and I bet in a week time I'm going to lose these marks they always do!

Well...enough of my ranting on that. LOL

I spent my entire Saturday afternoon watching movie with IT Guy...then went to bed quite early and was up around 4AM of Sunday. (I need to make a separate post for this.)

Today is another lazy day...I'm just home watching movies again...eating seafoods with IT Guy...and here is our leftover for today's lunch!

Then I checked the backyard and saw some veggies...

It always give me unexplained pleasure to greens...and I'm so happy that our garden here is just as happy as the people.

Just a few minutes ago, IT Guy and I were talking of traveling. I've been trying to hold off any plans on out of country travels for several reasons one is the fact that we are getting married and I'm trying to hold on to our savings. But it will never do harm to discuss travel plans...and we haven't decided where to go after the wedding yet, and touring Europe tops the list.

He told me I need to see London again as I have not been there for years now...that we need not spend so much passing by there are now quite affordable and decent hostels in london and some nice restaurants to check. He knows from experience that I am not exploring adventures type as I just dine in the hotel where we stay most of the time. My say is...well I need Filipino food...find me a restaurant that serves Pinakbet! Pinakbet is my favorite Filipino vegetable dish. He said, if there are some Indian restaurants in London there must be a place which serves pinakbet...we'll see! He also told me we can check some cinemas in London...LOL i'm not really sure with London...but I know I want to tour Europe again! ;)

Any suggestions?

Finally...time for my Unconscious Mutterings!

  1. Lease :: ...of Agreement

  2. Dead :: ... or Alive!

  3. Removed :: ...from the list.

  4. Broke :: ...the trust.

  5. Lips :: read my lips!

  6. Flight :: exhausting!

  7. Three hours :: to get ready for a date!

  8. Give :: one's self!

  9. Technical :: ...specifications?

  10. Hurry :: You Can't Hurry Love!

Wish you all a great Sunday!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Flower Dance

PhotoHunt: PURPLE

This was the first prize winner of Sinulog '08 Dance Festival. See how others see shape of "purple", visit PhotoHunt's HQ!

Re-building Myself

Oh no, Iim not damaged at all! I meant something else for my title...

One of the many things which got me pre-occupied lately is doing an overhaul in my resume. All these years I've been writing (business and blogs) yet I'd say, trying to word one's personal achievement is quite tough!

I'm about done and looks like I will finish them this weekend...and the IT Guy told me get my own personal website for professional blogging. A site where I post my credentials and projects and at the same time talk about just I do and share practices with the industry I am with.

So, I must get a domain! Then, I need to find myself a good hosting good I mean, affordable, reliables and easy to use!
As I was checking on different site resources today and saw a site advertising for different web hosting sites! It has quite a good list of different web hosting sites with corresponding prices, service and add-on benefits. I think I am going to check those sites and see if I can find a good one, per my catergory!

If you are shopping for a web hosting service, you may want to check that web hosting directory!

I'm almost done with my first item in my to do list...WOOT!

Wish you all a happy weekend!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Teasing the Tongue!

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Happy Wordless Wednesday!

God is My Strength and Power

It is God who arms me with strength
and makes my way perfect.

- Psalm 18:32

Today I woke up with some new thoughts and new strength...praise God for His mercy!

Last week I was able to spend time with myself and journeyed inward. It was a peaceful experience yet, I emerged a bit fearful. I guess I was entertaining too many thoughts and was worried with too many meaningless concerns. In might be a shame to admit here for awhile I panicked, not knowing what to do...and in my mind should I find the way, how will I manage to do them? Then it was Easter! How could I have an inward journey to myself trying to reflect on how he died on the cross for me and got so discouraged upon looking at my own cross! I felt so small and unworthy.

So, I tried to do what I always do, I prayed. I prayed a lot. That line 'pray until you pray' became so real to me. Praise God, it worked for me!

So today, I woke up with some new thoughts and new strength!

Many times in my life, I try to do things consciously for I believe whatever we do consciously forms into habit...just like LOVE...sometimes so is prayer.

Today I reflect on my life...what have I done for the 29 years...what have I I proud of the life I live. That is all it takes for me to smile big and get strength because all throughout my journey He is there wherever I source of strength...and He makes my way His eyes and in His time.

I wish you all a blessed Wednesday...and may you have the strength you need to make it through week, and may your way be perfect in the eyes of God.

Celebrate with us
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Like You I have Odd Dreams...

Happy Monday everyone!

My Monday today is really quite manic...considering I just had my longest weekend this year so far...4 days of no work just makes me want to go back to work NOT! LOL

It's 9 something in the morning...and I'm trying to type this entry fast...because I still have to finish something for the local hospital here. For some of you, you may know that I do process management and process improvement...and well, I always find it meaningful to share our talents and skills, so I volunteered to help in the 'overhauling' of a local hospital here. Today I will present to the group my findings and recommendations based on my last visit. (I will make a post on this tomorrow!) So I'm going after lunch but will pass by the IT Guy for lunch...we always try to have lunch together every Monday since for the rest of the weekdays I'd be's really a challenge to be working at night!

Yes, I sleep on the daytime on weekdays...and like the rest of you, I sometimes have this weird....odd dreams which is this week's Fun Monday theme!

Jil at The Adventure of Lil Mouse says --

Today’s Fun Monday Topic: Strange Dreams. Do you have any dreams, particularly recurrent ones that you feel no one else has? Or, just tell us about an odd dream you had as a kid.

Well, I have all kinds of dreams...I love to dream, even when I'm awake, but then I think it's not what she I don't have to tell about that dream of mine where I dancing cheek to cheek with Pierce Brosnan or me dancing the tango with Al Pacino! LOL

What I'm about to share with you here is something cultural as well and not for the faint-hearted. So, you've been warned!!!

There are occasional moments when I wake up running to the bathroom to puke...because I just dreamed of being surrounded $h!T...yes, that or whatever you want to call it! I kept dreaming of those once...either I am walking on a road so full of it, or me staring at a toilet bowl with that thing overflowing...just gross! And that is to put it mildly...

YET, in my place people smile big when they get dreams like that!


Because here is means MONEY is coming!

I don't really care but I respect our traditions and culture here so much...and coincidence or what, for all those times I have those $h!Tty dreams, I did get some unexpected cash. Some came in a form of pay raise, extra project, gifts, etc!

Weird right? Gross...very much! LOL

Okay hop on to Jil now before you puke in here!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Today I Rejoice!

Happy Easter everyone!

I just got home from the is quite different from the past Easter. I was too busy to do any craft. Yet, never too busy to celebrate Easter!

For my family it is more than egg is about celebrating God's gift to us, His LOVE!

We always start Easter with a holy mass...then do interesting stuff with the family...have dinner with friends and relatives.

Today I went to the mall with Mom, IT Guy and my nephew Sean. Sean needed a new haircut...

So here we are at the parking area!

Me...Sean...and my Mom!

The we have to pass by Ballooney Shoppe...

And since Sean for whatever reason had a distaste with bears...Mariposa took her share instead!

Sean was hysterical during the entire haircut that we did not have the chance to take photos of we just toured the mall the instead!

This is going to my favorite coffee shope, Figaro! See those cute umbrellas, I love hanging out there with my good friend Pia. IT Guy and I watch Monday sunset there too!

Then we just have to make some stops to pose and to look down!

Yes, those are for Easter! Sean is just too small to join the other kids...but well, next year!

And this is The Terraces, the new extension of Ayala Center Mall...

The view is quite relaxing, especially on sunset...that's why I love it here!

We have no photos to share for our lunch though...IT Guy seems so hungry to take any more photos I gues...LOL

On the way home was fun...look at Sean (with Mom) without his polo shirt! LOL

And how bored I become...

And now for
my Easter Unconscious Mutterings!

  1. Animal :: Lion and the rest!

  2. Temporary :: Life

  3. Moan :: ...for pleasure and pain?!

  4. Rapid :: Fast...

  5. That’s for me to say :: ...for some to DO! *wink*

  6. City :: Cebu City!

  7. Bumper :: ...sticker!

  8. Eclipse :: Total Eclipse of the Heart...

  9. Problematic :: ...being one is a choice!

  10. If? :: ...something I try not to dwell too much.

IT Guy is making fun of me now...telling me how I rush to my PC too soon to blog...when my day is not done yet!

Hope you all have a great Sunday!!!