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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Going for Glass

One more day to go and I'll be in Cebu for the holy week. While I am excited about going home my mind is simply fixed at the new house here in Bacolod. As I've mentioned before, I am renting a 2 bedrooom house here and while I love it, there are still of of things to do for this house to suit me. 

Finally I was able to finalize with the owner that I want it repainted (both exterior and interior), I want the screen of all windows done and redone (for the bedroom) and finally I want another bathroom sink! 

I want to talk more about sink because I got a new one for Cebu and I am happy with it, but just recently I found this really cool glass sinks which I'd really love to have. So I am thinking of getting one for the new house. Yes, a glass sink for the new house' bathroom!I love the look of it, plus the fact that I believe it is easier to maintain than steel and porcelain. I have to be honest though, I fell in love with it because of its aesthetic appeal more than anything. Now, I guess I have to extend this to center. I'm going to discuss with the building contractor if we could have them. Regardless how our talk will go, one thing I am sure, I am going to have them in my new house and in my new office. Haha!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mariposa's Love...

PhotoHunt: FRESH fruits

This is all I could come up with for this week's theme. I guess it has something to do with my cravings...LOL

Please visit PhotoHunt's HQ to see more FRESH!

I wish you all a relaxing weekend!

Learning Words

It's a beautiful Saturday morning here in Bacolod City. I've had a good rest and I'm up early and I feel so recharged!

Anyway, last night I was able to surf around the net and found this interesting vocabulary builder. This software is quite nice and easy to use and will be very helpful to people learning English and enhancing their vocabulary skills. I've had not tried it myself but with the way I saw its demo I think I'm going to like it. This software works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. I'm so looking forward to its word ticker feature which allows you to display words automatically. It has also a spell word by meaning feature and allows you to recall some meaning of words.           

Once I get to try it I will let you know how is it. So far the reviews are all good.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Friday from Bacolod!

It's Friday already and I'm home early. Hurray! I really need to sleep to recharge. Meanwhile, here is my Friday Fill-Ins!

1. The right word is BALANCE.
2. LEAVE and shut the door quietly, please.
3. Up UP and AWAY.
4. IN YOU HEART is where you'll find me.
5. Ooh! What is that THINGY?
6. THAT is a good idea.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to GOING TO BED EARLY, tomorrow my plans include JOGGING EARLY IN THE MORNING and Sunday, I want to GO TO THE SPA

Happy Friday to all!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sharing My Thoughts!

It's summer here already and for me, more than going to the beach, that means buying new set of undies!

You may ask what's the link...well I know I've said this before, but let me say it again - life is too short for uncomfortable for the weekend, I'll shopping for some sexy panties!

And why on earth I have to make a post about it...oh well! Just one of those days when you want to share something too much...LOL

Hobby Farming

While I am trying to calm the storm in my schedule, I am slowly making my list of things to do once I'm over my busyness. As most of you know, I am always forward looking. Ha!

If there is one thing that this place has that I can't find in Cebu, it's space. And I mean it literally. Here are vast of land...plain land for that matter. In fact as I have mentioned in one of my recent post, the house I got has a good space for garden. Well, as I stare at it every morning with my coffee I see that it can be more than that. I think it can accomodate the new hobby which I have been contemplating for months now - hobby farming.

I am a lover of veggies and that makes me miss Cebu. For whatever reason it's a bit hard to find fresh vegetables here and the way they are priced are just ridiculous. In Cebu we were able to grow some veggies in our garden and so I thought I might do it here. So for the past days I have been reading about farming.

I can't wait to have something like this in my garden!

Shopping for Eye Wear

Things are slowly settling with me and one of the things that made it easier for me is my new pair eye glasses.

I never thought all the inconveniences I had, okay, maybe not all, but most, were caused by my deteriorating eyesight. Now, my views are way better, I can work better and no more crazy episodes of migraines. At least not as often as before.

I am planning of having my eyes checked again end of this month and maybe I will get another set of  eye wear to make sure I have spare. I want to follow the boss, he has a pair at the office, one left at his house and one he carries around. I guess having it that way will not make me forget nor panic if ever I lose one. Also I am looking for some specific designs and color for variety...hahaha.

Anyway, if you happen to be looking for one, you may want to check online. I have found several stores which offers nice eye wear at very reasonable prices.  What I plan to do is just buy the frame if ever I couldn't find any that will fit my prescription. And while I cannot try it myself, the dimension and the photo of how the frame looks like is more than enough for me to know if it will look good on or not.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bacolod, Land of Smile

 ...or Land of Thieves?!

To say I'm set-up is an underestimation. I am not well. I don't feel well. I'm torn between being pissed and in disbelief.

I have been panic mode for the past 2 hours. I just got home from the grocery and I can't find my cellphone. I put it inside my pocket, at the back since I was wearing jeans. My blouse was long enough to cover it. I was too busy looking for stuff that the whole time I never had the chance to take it out, which was quite unusual. I always have this habit of calling the IT Guy while doing my grocery since we used to do it together in Cebu. Now I'm in Bacolod and have to do it on my own...but today I was with Mom. 

Nothing seemed wrong. In fact I took my time at the ATM withdrawing some cash. The whole time I was not thinking of my cellphone 'til I put some of the groceries at the kitchen table. It was then I realize it's not with me. I had to call my carrier and had to argue with them for minutes because they're not able to offer any solutions except to deactivate my line. Now that was my last option. What I wanted supposedly was to just barred outgoing calls to make sure I don't get charged for any calls I did not personally make but to keep the line active so that way I can still keep ringing it in case it was turned over at the lost and found section. I gave up and just decided to let the IT Guy get a SIM replacement and send it to me ASAP. Thank goodness a friend is on his way here to Bacolod (our HR Manager) and now my SIM and my other cellphone is now en route to Bacolod. I will have my number working again as soon as it gets to me and I hope I have a way to recover my contacts because I have not backed it up for a while now. 

I know it will be unfair to say this, but this incident today will be my first and lasting impression of Bacolod. I have lived in Cebu for 30 years and this never happens to me, not even in its most notorious streets. I have bee in the worst streets of Xiamen and Shanghai, this did not happen to me. Not in Manila, not in New York, not even in nightmares. I couldn't believe I will have my share in a very laid back city, inside a small grocery store located in one of the most upscale blocks in Bacolod. 

I don't care about the phone, I care about my contacts and all the information there. I care about the photos there! 

Who do I plea? I pray to the Patron Saint of lost things. If it was not stolen, please send it back to me as I feel like I've lost half my life losing it. If it was stolen, I hope whatever he or she gets from it is worth the crime he or she just committed and more importantly worth the agony it has caused me. And if it was indeed stolen, I swear, I only need a week to trace back who did it and I certainly will get back to you and I promise to make our meeting worth my while.

I am in a new place and instead of shopping for new furniture, I think I'm going to spend most of my money making sure I find out who just screwed me up. Nobody messes with Mariposa. Nobody.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Beginning of The New ME!

Yes...I'm a new person in some aspect. And my new mentor (the new boss) is reminding me of that everyday. I am the BOSS now and that I can do anything and everything to be successful and for "my center" to be successful. (I did mention I will be running a call center in another city, remember?) He always wanted me to think of it as my "center". By the way, the new boss, is one of the owners and I am so privileged and fortunate to be working with him and his family. 

Anyway I have been shopping for ISP and was setting meeting with different Telcos. Today we had our meeting with PLDT. I never expected it to be the VP of PLDT. So this is how it feels to be a VIP. I am beginning to like it and slowly it is getting to my head that I am now a different Mariposa in terms of work status and all. While I couldn't care less about status quo, it is also a fact (and my boss keeps emphasizing this) that work dynamics is totally different now. I have to learn and adjust with how I relate to people and I guess time for me to make adjustments as how lenient and understanding and approachable I am.

It's Friday and I had a hell of a week, all for good though. I have accomplished a lot of things this week and is slowly getting settled.

Tonight I have to rest and chill out...and right now to me that means to blog. =)

Here is my Friday Fill-Ins for this week!

1. Why are you making face?
2. I want you to take me to the top of the world.
3. If we have to agree then it will be on my terms.
4. Let's observe and see what happens.
5. I could use a joke. Got any?
6. I thought I was lucky to get this job and then I realized it's not just luck, I'm blessed.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to blogging, tomorrow my plans include meeting the technical team that will handle our IT infrastructure and Sunday, I want to spend time with myself

I wish you all a kickass weekend. I love guys...and I miss you all. I promise to catch up slowly.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Finding A New Home

And when the day arrives I'll become the sky 
and I'll become the sea 
and the sea will come to kiss me for I am going home.
~ Trent Reznor

The past days were manic days for me. Half of last week were spent meeting with different vendors for the new call center that I will be joining/ managing. It was the first time to be working closely with my new boss and so far it was fun. Last weekend I had to hurriedly prepare for my trip. As I have mentioned, I will be moving to a new city where the new call center will be built. Just about 30 minutes away by plane and I guess 5-7 hours by land, depending on the route. We took the land trip coming here and this is one of the first few photos I took.

So I am here now, in my so called new home. It was a bit hard finding for a place, and I was so ready to give up and was decided to just stay in the hotel forever. Ha! But well, today I found a nice house within a subdivision and it is well guarded. It is a two bedroom house, with a garden, garage and a garden! Yes, I have to type it twice for emphasis. I am just so happy to have a garden, as that is one place I love spending time with. Though it cost me a lot because I had to pay 2 months advance and 2 months deposit (and it is quite pricey than I expected) I'd say I'm happy to have found it.

And now that I have found a place and will finally be able to move there from the hotel, reality has slowly sunk in. I will miss my family and I will miss the IT Guy. Soon Mom and IT Guy will go back to Cebu and I'm just hoping work will be more than enough to preoccupy me. 

I think I just typed a chapter of a book. I will try to write more about this new place and my new life as I get to settle slowly. I wish you all a happy mid-week!

Happy not so Wordless Wednesday everyone!

P.S. Happy birthday Papa! I miss you!