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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Diamonds Are Forever...

Diamonds are women's best friends...maybe not true to all but I still have to meet a woman who does not appreciate diamonds!

In one of my Friday Haiku when I announced here that I Said YES, I was wearing the diamond ring which IT Guy gifted me for our engagement. I was not expecting it to be that big...well I was not expecting anything at all!

Now this is kind of funny because honestly, I have several diamond rings already. Some were gifts from my parents...some from friends and most of them my gift to myself...if you get what I mean. I can only imagine how hard it was for the IT Guy to shop for a ring since he knows I am into jewelry...and despite my experience with it I'd say it is always a challenge to shopping for diamonds!

Today a friend of mine asked me if I can help him get an engagement for his gf. Now I'm sure he is not alone in this world, and in as much as I'd love to ask the IT Guy to share how he was able to get an excellent ring...I'd rather not! LOL

Online shopping is not just about is also getting more options at more reasonable prices so I told my friends to check diamond rings online. In fact there are online stores which allows you to build your own engagement ring making you choose from the type of diamonds according to your budget to the type of setting according to the style which you think would fit to the personality of your fiancee to the packaging! Delivery is taken cared of and hassle, you get them at a very reasonable prices!

These online store don't just sell engagement rings, but all sort of diamond jewelry! You may want to try creating your own earrings...rings...pendants and what have you! Just an amazing and easy way to add to your collection!

Why don't you try and get yourself are forever!


sbwrites said...

My husband has always bought me great jewelry (and thoughtful gifts) as well. From the beginning of our relationship, I was always struck by the fact that he knew my tastes perfectly. And even if it's just a card, he picks the perfect one!

Aren't we both so lucky?

Anonymous said...

I am so not a shopper and so not a jewlery buff. It's all I can do to wear a watch LOL. That's a wonderful tip and you taking the time to explain and share was great. Mahalo

P.S. This might be late but congrats on the engagement :)

broca's area said...

gifts to myself?!!

heard diamonds are girls best friends..guess its really true!!:D

Dining Table said...

Diamonds are forever! Great tip, well explained.