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Monday, February 24, 2014

What To Do On A Sunday

My weekend is almost over and it hasn't started yet...goodness!
But several things to celebrate...

I was able to finally hurt myself attend to myself by getting Brazilian wax...LOL 
TMI...but who cares, this is my blog!

I made it to the salon...the facial was fantastic!

Today I read Veronica Rossi's Under The Never Sky. She'll be in Cebu on April (Not very sure on the date)!

And I'm back here! Hopefully for good...

This is one of those rare Sundays...
Today, I spent it with myself.

 Mariposa in flesh! LOL
No makeup, no powder, no nothing!
Yes, I brave it...must be a really good Sunday.

And now for something that I miss doing...Unconscious Mutterings
  1. White House :: US President
  2. Coffee break :: My me time...
  3. Retirement :: I can't imagine!
  4. Lipstick :: My armor.
  5. Department :: Department of Justice (LOL)
  6. Blinds :: Three Blind Mice (singing...)
  7. Diploma :: I'm proud to have!
  8. Communication :: Gap
  9. Budget :: Sky's the limit...
  10. Things :: To do...and to forget!
 I wish y'all a Happy Sunday!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dingy Davits

Few weeks ago my boss showed me a photo of the yacht he just bought with his brother. While I am more of a "mountain person", I fell in love with the thing! LOL

There is the infatuation side and there is the curiosity side. The infatuation side is the part where I admire the interior of the yacht, it's color and all the furnishings. That's all.
But I am very curious to know more about boats!

So I grabbed an opportunity to go to a deck for boats show.
We get plenty of them here...obviously I live in an island. :)
Anyway...I never realized until that moment that there are just too much to learn about boats...and what have you.

Then I got acquainted with davits. I did not understand anything about the mechanisms involved in moving/lowering a small boat like that of life boat (yes we can call them dinghy!). The person who invented it is a genuis!

If you are now as curios as I was...why don't you learn something new about dinghy davits!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

I Miss Me

Weekend is almost over...
But what does it matter?
Somewhere else, it's still a Sunday morning...

Today I bought books!
I can't wait to read them.
I have to find time.

I already miss ME!

Better Than Crash Diet

We've all been there, trying to shrug off few pounds after the holidays. Seems easy until you find out that it's a feat and the next party is already happening!

You cannot go in maxi dress! You need to wear that tiny sexy black dress! crash diet in the world can help you hide those little packets..or so I thought!

Then I discovered something phenomenal! I believe this is the best body shaper of all time! Yes...a dream come true, a seamless shape wear! Goodbye to lines...and hello to looking slim instantly in smooth finish!

Financial Planing

Heard of the saying, begin where you want to end?
Today I asked myself, what happens with everything I have worked so hard for if I don't wake up one morning.

We are never in position to know when we need to leave...especially for good. It is amazing how we take the time to plan a vacation...even the dress we wear to a party...but never what and how we will leave our properties behind.
Yes, I am talking about estate planning and trust planning.
Many times I see people going through the burden of looking for money to claim what was left for them. I wonder if those who bothered to leave them something meant to cause them any of those trouble. Of course they don't! Yet, I guess they also didn't know any better...then.

What I came to realize is estate planning and trust planning not only gives you peace of mind as to how and to whom you intend to pass on your wealth...but also also the reality that when you want to pass on something, it has to be of its full value. It's something that has to be fully to have every details as to how it will be executed is take care of. And I mean even the taxes!

Taxes can be very taxing! Ah, you tell me!
Thus, this is something you want to consult professionals with.

 For more information, click here.

Condos Are Investments

I always believe that condos are a waste of money!
Well NOT anymore. Not if you look at them as investments. :) read it right, investment.
Don't just look at it as a place to live! Be creative.
I believe that the best way to add value to a condo are -

1. investing on general maintenance (this is given and most important!)

2. practical renovation from time to time!

General maintenance covers airconditioning...furnitures and fixtures...paints and patches. Don't try to cut corners here...the little money you try to save is nothing when you need to do a major overhaul due to lack of maintenance. This is what keeps the property young and attractive. :)

The latter...I want to elaborate further. If you are going to spend extra cash anyway in renovating your condo, I suggest you do the design in a way that one has the option of holding an office there.
Construction for offices in Miami can be expensive...but not when you've got already the place! I am a believer of DIY but for this one, I suggest you get professionals who can help you with condo renovations.

You can learn more about Miami condo renovation.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Home Maintenance

A little over a year ago, I decided to have my entire air-conditioned. Yes it was quite an investment but it was all worth it. So now, I can stay around the house comfortably even on summer. I have the whole living room air-conditioned as well as all four (4) bedrooms.

The AC units I got were on inverters and so it did me good with my electric bill. What I made sure though right from the start to protect my investment and more so to avoid any inconveniences is to have a scheduled maintenance. Nothing beats having all your air conditioner tuned up regularly. Not only this prevents breakdown and early replacement, this also ensures that it is giving out cool clean air. Some people may disregard the benefits of scheduled maintenance especially when their air conditioners are new. But this is when we have to just start tuning them up else they become old too fast and you may end up replacing them earlier than their actual service life. This is one investment that I am sure will pay off.

You may check EDS Air Conditioning to learn more about air conditioner tuneup and have them a scheduled maintenance.

Values of Tradeshows and Exhibits

The IT Guy is already discussing with his plan in the near future. He seems going to the direction of having his own firm…yes you read it right, he wants to run his own business.

Now, he is not new to this as this is what he had been doing before he joined the government sector. So we started talking as to what do for start-ups. Obviously we need to decide what service or product to offer and what market to target. Then study the industry to check who are the players (both leaders and followers) and of course the market. It is also important to see if the market is not yet saturated and if we can still add few users or shifters. These things can be run through research and in our heads, however I personally believe that still nothing beats checking the actual behaviour of the industry players and its markets. How? Well, I believe new business owners or anybody starting up a business should seriously visit different tradeshows and exhibits. Each tradeshow can give you an actual grasp of how you will approach your business not only in terms of market identification and pricing but more important on how to get to your market. Any exhibit can give you thousands of ideas ranging from branding, to actual service or product delivery.

If you are starting a new business, you can visit here and find more information about tradeshow display.