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Friday, April 24, 2009

Things To Do

It's 6:46 in the morning here and I'm up with a splitting headache! Allergic rhinitis is just a P!T@ and it's timing great, NOT!

Anyway...I have several things to do today. I rarely keep a list for real but these things are urgent, like I have to do it today or never.

Today is the birthday of my goddaughter! She just turn 1 today. I'm bringing my nephew to her party...IT Guy and my SIL (sister in law) will be there. I haven't bought any gift yet, so at 10AM just when the mall opens I will rush my way there and grab something for Rain (yes, she's got a cute name!). IT Guy also wants to go swimming with the nephew after the party so I have to get Sean (the nephew) bathing trunks. Me? Oh no, I'm not going swimming with the children...LOL We were supposed to go out of town today but ah, some changes with IT Guy's schedule that we just decided to do it next month when we turn 6 years.

Another thing is I've been looking for some really cute maternity dress. Not for me though...but for a dear friend. We've been friends since college days and I just share her joy with her pregnancy. It took her 3 years to work on this one...God is really good!

She is based in Singapore now and wants me to come over next month to attend her baby shower. So I've been battling inside my head on what to give her. Yes I mean HER because for the baby stuff IT Guy seems so good at it that he took care of it last weekend. (Oh boy, is it telling me something?! LOL) I want to give her something...she mentioned how she gained weight through this pregnancy and can't believe how her size jumped to several I went around the net and saw this awesome site which caters for plus size women's clothing...ahem, I think it will be more appropriate to say I have finally found a site which sells awesome clothes with all sizes available! ;)

I found this Maternity Print Tunic and I think this is just great for her! It's cute yet it fits her...and well it's a tunic so she can pair this one with a nice trousers or just wear it itself, after all she is a little shorter than me so I think that will just do for her! I think the print will make compliment her skin tone plus, they're small just perfect! Now I just have to check on its delivery terms, yet IT Guy...who is rushing me to the breakfast table now told me he will take care of the shipment and all! What a darling he is...LOL

And this shouldn't come as a shock to some people since I really do online shopping a lot...and bother so many people with my I have to ask friends in the US and Europe to accept it for me and they just ship it to may be reading this and thank you for bearing with me and hope you won't get tired of me! So fellow awesome bloggers have been my culprit on this too! LOL

Two things down for today...will just one I still have to go to the mall!

Okay...time for my breakfast!

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Anonymous said...

Something tells me that you armed with a credit card could do some serious damage at the mall :-)