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Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Hearts Day!

I know this is rather late...but...well, here...LOVE is all around...everyday! ;)

I have a bouquet of roses...and you can pick one...for you! ;)

Thanks to ALL who sends email, all! You have no idea how you made me smile...

My V Day...was well, just an ordinary day. one's to be blame!

I've been battling with colds for the past days...and the IT Guy's brother has been in the hospital for weeks now...he has acute renal failure...and is undergoing hemodialysis while waiting for a kidney donor. Friday evening we got a call from the IT Guy's sister about his brother 'not being well'. It turns out he is going through depression...and possibly a some transient medical the IT Guy has to stay at the hospital the entire Friday evening...and called me up Saturday morning and he can't pick me up.

At first I was, I'm going home alone...on a V Day. Yet, to be honest, I can't think of anything that moment but to get sleep...because my colds killing me...

So, I spent my entire day in bed...and him at the hospital. I got up midnight of Saturday and Mom told me that he is home, and was resting in another room...I did not bother wake him up anyway. Sunday morning...seems better for both of us...and well, we did go out. We spent the entire day together...we dine out...watched Valkyrie and had dinner! It was wonderful.

I'm so wanting to make a movie review here...but my meds is not letting me stay I guess, that can wait.

Also, can anyone tell me who is hosting Fun Monday?! Looks like none has volunteered yet...I'd love to join fun again...well, found IT!


Gattina, is this week's Fun Monday host...and she is asking us what shoes we wear at home!

Good thing this is not too tough for me to do on a last minute...

Mariposa always wear the furry soft thingy slippers at this one!

That would be all for now...have a great weekend everyone! And wish you ALL a FUN MONDAY...don't forget to visit Gattina to check what others are wearing!

P.S. Tomorrow...will be TMI Tuesday for me...I'm going to share some cheesy romantic tales about Mariposa and the IT Guy! LOL

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's All About LOVE

Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust,
Love still stands when all else has fallen.
1 Corinthians 13:7-8

It's nice to be back...and in honor of Valentine's Day...I am posting a one of my favorite verse on love. I can't seem to make the text appear clearly here...when it used to just work for me...but anyway, you can click on the photo. :)

I wish everyone a meaning Hearts Week...

Happy (not so) WORDless FILLED Wednesday!

To see more wonderful captures, please check Wordless Wednesday!

Celebrate with us as we share inspiring Bible verses at Word Filled Wednesday!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Care for some Updates?!

Hello everyone...

I think I'm now done with my cocooning stage...and I'd just like to share with you some updates with Mariposa's Life.

* I changed my header again! Did anyone notice?! Ha! I just can't seem to make the photo fit well to the header size...and I needed to frame it in yellow...not the best, but I love it!

Now, what's up with the photo?! Well, if y'all remember (maybe some of you!) that photo appeared first HERE. That was Feb. 18 of last year...and I featured that photo for Manic Monday's theme then, TWO.

Yup, that's me and the IT Guy!

* For the month of February...I will have my own theme...I will try to make 'us' the topic...after all, it's the month of hearts...though it should be every day...just don't argue with me here on that...okay?! LOL

* I will still be joining the blogging activities I used to join...but also, I will make it a point to go back to really I used to.

* There will also be some overhauling, no, not the design, I love black...and it will stay that way for now...but I think I need to revamp my blog roll and all...I know I need to add to my list...and also update the old ones.

I'd like to thank anyone for checking on me once in awhile...and thank you for allowing me to lurk around...when I have nothing to say...but just being nosy and all. ;)

I wish everyone a great week!

HUGS to you all...