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Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's A Purple Saturday!

PhotoHunt: PURPLE

This is an old photo taken in one of my travels before. I always wanted to grow some berries in my backyard, many in our future house with the IT Guy. :)

I am so happy to make it here despite the busy schedule. Tomorrow I will be off to Dumaguete to facilitate the training for the first 20 staff I hired for Operations. Hoping everything will turn out just great when we're there.

Please visit PhotoHunt's HQ to see more PURPLE! Wish everyone a restful weekend!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Found My Ideal Glasses

It's been months now since I made an announcement on how my views were magnified. I have also been wearing contacts for about a month already. But then, lately I have been looking for a specific pair of glasses which I believe will be good for the house and when I am to leave the house last minute. I am looking for that type which does not have a temple pad, you know the sunglasses type only that they are not too huge to cover half my face which by the way I am fond of! (Yes, you read it right, I am like the Asian version of Jacqueline Kennedy Onnasis in terms, as most friends would say...and that is because I love wearing big sunglasses!) Anyway, I have been looking around was about to give up and was so ready to spend big bucks when I saw some nice pairs online for as low as $12! Woot! Now I can buy a few pairs in different colors...and yes I am just crazy like that. If I like something I usually buy extra pairs (or spare units). All in all I think I will still be spending way less than getting those expensive ones.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Best Company In Times of Colds

...soft, strong and disposable!

I've been under the weather the past days. Kleenex, here is a rose for keeping me company!

Happy Wordless Wednesday everyone!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Nice To Be Hopeful

flying back to Bacolod
so full of worries
yet keeping the faith alive

clinging to that faint whisper
that sweet sound ever -
HOPE! nice to have you around

It is always amazing how the randomness to things tie up to something so big ready to swallow you. Middle of last week the IT Guy was complaining of something which made me strongly suggest him to get an executive checkup. For whatever reason we decided last minute include my Dad. We found out that Dad's sugar level was 360. Though to some that is quite low, for us who never tried it, it was really alarming. Plus the fact that he had been losing so much weight for the 2-3 months. So he was admitted in the hospital and is now under insulin. We are all in panic mode since we rarely see him get sick...maybe once in a year, he get slight fever, that's it! All these things had to happened while I am away from home. So I left Bacolod 1AM of Saturday and was able to see Dad at around 7AM. I haven been working like a horse and took the bus and the boat just to make sure I get there the soonest. I spent the my weekend at Cebu sick...and worried. Now I'm back in Bacolod and I'm still sick but more worried. Though he was able to check out today he is still under medication. I am just thankful to know that all his other tests were okay.

The IT Guy still has to go through some tests as well. God must have really so much confidence in me to let me go through all these. The call center will open few weeks/days from now. I have to focus on so many things at a time. But right now, I am just staring at one - HOPE.

It is always to have HOPE around! And of course all your prayers are welcome. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Own Too Many Domains

...and I am not using all of them!

Next to buying shoes, makeups and dresses, I buy domains. Yes, you read it right, I mean domains, and if I own a dotcom you can bet that most likely I also own the dotnet and the dotinfo. I know it sounds like crazy but as most of you know I am crazy with shoes and makeup and what have why should it be different with domains?! Anyway! I found this interesting webhosting site...and well on the contrary to what most of you expect which I presume is to find webhosting plans and offers there, you will find there instead options on what to do with your domains...especially those which you are not currently using. Also you get to read there reasons on why people buy several domains...and good thing I found some of my reasons there! ;)

So if you want to read more about what are your webhosting options and whether to do it with Linux of Windows, with a subscription or without, you may want to check it out. I found so many useful information there and I still have my eyes on Linux WebHosting as I really want to try it.

And that is for my quick Tech Tuesday post. I will try to write more about Linux WebHosting next week, promise!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

You Can Fly

...but that cocoon has to go!

The IT Guy took this photo in the garden over the weekend. Yes, at the garden of my new house here in Bacolod! This is citrus plant...calamansi specifically.

I have not been well since weekend. My lack of sleep is wearing me down and I may not admit it, yes physical stress is slowly catching up on me.

We just had the biggest job fair career fair ever here in Bacolod City last Saturday! Special thanks to the IT Guy and to the staff and management.

This is the same message I was telling most applicants during the interview. Yes, the Site Director did help in the interviewing! I am just nice like that. LOL

I won't keep you all long here...Happy not so Wordless Wednesday everyone!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

It's Thursdayrrific!

This week has just been too much for me to a point that I keep asking myself how come I am still able to keep my cool. It's just not so me!

I have an upcoming major job fair career fair this Saturday. This will be the Company's first and obviously this is something which cannot just go wrong. So you can just imagine how hectic my schedule is...add to that the fact that I have to interview 10-15 people a day to fill in my first team of supervisors and trainers,arrghhh! The boss is away and won't be back 'til the 10th, thus I am just overseeing everything! I've been working at minimum of 12 hours a day and even at home I still do conference calls. 

I am not complaining. In fact it's amazing how I am still able to manage with everything...until today. Well not that I had a breakdown or something but just the day to say enough is enough. I visited the construction site and I was horrified when I saw what they were putting on the wall of one of the comfort rooms. It was just U.G.L.Y. Add to that the fact that it will just trap noise there and noise is just my number one enemy at the center. I called the building contractor/architect and all he can tell me was -- there was not specification and the contract says at minimum they just deliver toilets! Amazing. Just how exactly my week turning into something horrific just when I thought I am able to manage everything well. I don't even have to go through on other stuff which I am sure will keep me preoccupied for the next 2-3 hours when I could be in my bed having a good time with my pillow! 

BUT then, Thursday of Mariposa will not end so bad. Just when I opened Facebook, a good friend of mine Marcel Nunis just posted a favorite song of mine. I end up singing it with my Mom and I am just so up and happy right now. Call it my pendulum moment but who cares? It's Thursday rrific for me...but no longer horrific, but a big terrific Thursday night! 

Here is the video that made my day!

Spending My Time

This is an old photo taken several years ago...still in my college days. This is a favorite past time of mine...spending time with myself! ;)

Happy Wordless Wednesday everyone!