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Thursday, April 23, 2009

House To Home (Planning Stage)

I am just too excited not to make a post on my most recent project at home improvement plan! As I have mentioned in one of my Fun Monday post on bedroom walls and bathroom I try to change my home design according to season. It's summer here and I feel the need to move around stuff to accommodate the warmth and the sunlight!

The very important thing to consider then making a home improvement is organizing one's thoughts and ideas! This is quite hard for me yet so necessary or I end up having too many colors in my hand and I might need an instant extension of the house just to accommodate my decors...LOL

One's you have made up your mind on what you want to do (major or minor) and the areas of concern, you have to determine your budget. To some, this may come first yet I believe there are so many creative ways to make our goals happen without spending so much.

For my project I only target the living room, the porch and maybe about 10% of the kitchen. I won't be doing anything major on them all though, just some few touches on the interior designs which would be mostly on changing colors!

My main goal is...creating space! I need to re-organize the furniture and fixture of these rooms and decorate one room at a time.

I just picked lemon yellow as my inspirational theme for the living room and will look for some earth tones that would go with it for the porch. This shouldn't be so hard for me as I do crafts. I am so excited to showcase my own work to compliment the new design of these rooms...

Next part that needs a little make-over is the kitchen! Me think we need a new kitchen sink! I found some interesting design and make of sinks there. We will be going over each kind this weekend to decide what we need for the sink here. We are only replacing two of the kitchen sinks for now and will see how it will go.

I can't wait to post photos on the outcome of this project. I am giving myself a time line 12 days. A bit tough but well, I need to waste some energy right?!

What about you? What's your home improvement story? Care to share? Any tips?

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Anonymous said...

I don't think you're in danger of busting the budget if your "renovations" are limited to just paint and accessorizing, but, be careful if you dive in much deeper..especially in the kitchen. Kitchens and baths are traditionally the costliest rooms to renovate. I've seen what many would consider to be visually conservative kitchen renovations cost between $60k and $80k. I look at some of those and wonder where all the money was spent, because it isn't immediately evident.