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Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Very Red...


Is what awaits me at my office last week. My QA staff members were so sweet...I did not expect them to prepare something for my birthday!

So red was their surprise!

The weekend after that we went out for dinner and had a long enjoyable drinking session was so fun, but then it might be good for another post.

It's been quite a hectic week for me...but I'm so glad I managed to make it here.

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Wish you all a super kickass weekend!

Anyone Looking for Windows Drivers?

Let's rejoice!

I found a site which offers official windows drivers. If there is one thing I learned the hard way it's the pain of going through recent driver updates. Add to that the challenge of finding the right patch for you. I am so glad to stumble upon this site. Now I don't have to worry about any computer drivers update anymore.

One effective ways of solving updates issue and to make sure you get the right patch at the right time is to make sure you are always updated. BUT then not all of us go through the hassle of looking for updates everyday right?

Guess what, this site offers Driver Detective which automatically scans the computer and looked for any outdated drivers, once the scan is complete it downloads the latest official drivers from its database and allows you to install these new drivers. All for just about 5 sweet minutes! Ha!

It works for me...and I'm sure it will work for you. You may visit the site if you wish to know more about Driver Detective, how to install it and make all your windows drivers up to date!

Congratulations to Hustler!

calmly he arranged
the chessboard pieces - soldiers
marching to vic'try

he was in control
as tension surrounds the game
a knight leaped, checkmate!

This is a rather late Friday Haiku but then I have to make a shout out for that friend of mine who just won the chess tournament help at our main office in Makati. Congratulations!

I know I promised to give you something...and well as you know by now, I always keep my promise...right?! ;) So just wait for it!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

It Only Takes One Drop To Create...

PhotoHunt: RIPPLES

I am so happy to be back with PhotoHunt!

Please visit PhotoHunt's HQ to see others' entertainment!Happy weekend everyone...

An Ongoing Side Project

IT Guy and I had breakfast at the airport with our friend this morning. He's going back to Manila and well I'm missing him already...he has been a good friend of mine and he is also into IT.

While he's here we've been looking into maintaining several websites (personal and client-based). For the past weeks I've also purchased several domains for my other small business. None of these domains are up yet. We still have not decided which hosting company to get.

Since he is into IT I could have let him decide on it...but well he said he'd rather read several reviews on hosting sites.

So he did find an interesting site offering reviews on web hosting ratings which helps us see which is the best website hosting company according to ratings. There you can find different web hosts, their prices and the different services they offer and more importantly reviews. These reviews were quite good to a point that it covers almost all features in a plan that users usually asked and need to know.

Though 'til now we have not decided yet what to get, at least I'm happy with the thought that we have several options and we just have the information we want to know before we could decide. And while choosing for a company to host should not be rushed, I'm sure by now already that we will get our host from their top recommendations.

So anyone of you shopping for a web host, you may want to visit this site and check their reviews. They also offer some valuable information such as ideas on multiple domain hosting which is what we are looking at right now.

So enough of my ongoing projects...wish you all a great weekend!

Shopping for Mail Boxes

Anyone of you still receiving snail mails?!

Well I do...most of them are statements and my insurance and investments documents. Sometimes I do get cards from of those high moments!

So with that said...obviously we do keep a
mail box at home. But something happened to it and we need to replace it. Lately I've been shopping for some nice know since I'm going to change it anyway I might as well get something that would compliment the color of the fence and the gate.

One realization I had when looking for a
mailbox is that it is not necessarily a hassle as I used to think. (I wanted an invisible mail box before! ha!) Mail boxes can also serve as an accessory to homes.

I found a nice supplier of mail boxes and I really the designs. So if you are the type who pays attention to details...go visit this site and you may decide to replace your mailbox!

Cute, Trendy, Maternity Clothes!

Well as most of you know I just turned 30 and to be honest I've never felt so pretty in my life! ;)

So my friends are kind of comforting me and telling me I look way better at 30...ha! So my mind is at work again and I was telling the IT Guy once we get married I want to get pregnant and I still want to keep the way I dress when I'm pregnant. Is that possible?, was all he mustered.

Yes it is!

The fashion world has evolved and well pregnant women can be just as sexy! (I honestly think they're the most sexy and beautiful...anyway.) So just how can pregnant women still be sizzling hot while carrying their babies inside their womb?!

Well there are just so many cute...unique and trendy maternity clothes out there, a break from the usual big, boxy maternity clothing we used to see.

I'd love to wear this when I'm pregnant! It's cute...isn't it?!

Calling all pregnant women out there looking for trendy maternity clothes, you may want to check Kikis Fashions. I so LOVE their collection...I so want to get pregnant already! Ha!

I Was A Tech Support

I've been missing sleep the past days...was having such a good time! ;)

I'd like to thank everyone for all the well wishes made my birthday so memorable and fun.

I was up early early because my friend from the other side of the world called me up. Her computer is messed up and I have to fix it. Thanks for technology, I am now able to remotely access her computer from my home.

So there I was half awake half asleep checking on her computer. And guess what's the problem...VIRUS!

So I searched online for anti virus and anti spyware software. I found a site which offers several applications for internet security. I downloaded an anti virus and anti spyware, run a scan, and her computer was clean and working again! Cool...

Anyway...I'm happy to note that now it is as easy as a click of a mouse to get softwares like these. Not so long ago, it used to be quite expensive and I have to go through several sellers to get it. Now not only I'm able to download it so easily at a way cheaper also allows me to install it to any computer from home. I became a tech support so early today...ha!

I love technology!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

Cheers, It's my birthday!
Thirty, flirty and thriving...
Forever I'll be.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Need To Detoxify!

Ever have that feeling of being bloated for no apparent reason?!

Well I always have that. Actually lately I have this occasional constipation, that bloated feeling and gas or otherwise referred to as flatulence. Pfft!

I know it has something to do with diet...and well I'm a coffeine addict remember? So I'm guessing that has to do with well we always factor in stress.

To some people (myself not an exception!) these are just momentary stuff and well shouldn't be taken too seriously. But then lately I just read something about these things which I personally find a bit alarming.

Anyone heard "Death Begins In the Colon"? Well I read about it and I realize that these things which I'm been going through the past days/weeks could be something brought about by accumulated toxin in my body. Not a good news. Yet I am happy to know that there are many available methods for detoxification...specifically on colon cleansing. There are special formulas such as Colonix and Toxinout that can help us detoxify and clean our bodies.

I have to admit I know nothing of these formulas yet but thank goodness I found some online resource on colon cleansing. You may want to check it to learn more about detoxification.

History At Hand

Still on the topic of Internet...I was discussing with friends over the weekend on its benefits. Though we may have different views on its pros and cons, we all agreed on educational benefit it gives to students...with the assumption that they are well guided of course.

When I was in school I spent most of time in the library. Needless to say I love to read. I love the challenge of looking for some information about something...especially with history. Unfortunately the library just like the human minds, can only restore so much. (Factor in practicality and please let's not be too overly radical about that statement, okay?! LOL)

So every time I do history essays I always have the need of going beyond the topic. It's always nice to have cross-references you know. But then that is only as good as the materials available at the library. That was one of the challenges I had then...

Goodbye to that as INTERNET welcomes us to this new age of information.

Now students can do online search and can find very good online history resources allowing them to come up with good history essay...history papers...and what have you?

So today, my cousin called me up and told me she needs help on her history exam and history papers. After some quick research online, I found a site which offer history at hand. It is a social learning site and an open coursework website for students. Not only I was able to find enough information for my cousin for her history papers, I also found there some history lecture note which was awesome and so helpful for my cousin!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mariposa Is Sick

...please call the Doctor very quick!

I'm off work today due to illness. Pfft.

Okay, let me give you the run down...I have cold...fever...upset stomach...and I can't seem to kick this Bi-ouch! feeling away. (Thanks Jenn for this new word!)

I feel so awful being away from work specially that I was supposed to do an interview with some applicants.

So I guess I will be away from here for days again. (((SIGH)))

Sunday, August 09, 2009

I Feel So Like A Princess!


Mariposa is back...and I'm back with shopping bags! LOL

The past days/weeks has just been quite busy for me...and so I've been anywhere but here. I miss you guys and I should be able to catch up with you all by end of the month.

So many things happened...and I mean not just my life but in general.

*The country still mourns the loss of one of our great leaders, Corazon "Cory" Cojuangco - Aquino. She's our first woman president and was instrumental to the success of our first people power revolution in 1986. (I will make a post about her and EDSA soon!)

* I'm reviving IEC Solutions, Inc., an old company I formed with IT Guy and some few friends years back. This is because a new friend inspires me to do so.

* We're also forming another company with this friend. (I will talk more about it once we've laid the groundwork.

* Work has been fine...very good but not very well. I'm loving it and I hope it stays that way.

And other things in between...not worthy to be mentioned here because they're either too monumental or too minute.

So yesterday, IT Guy and I went to the mall. We just wanted to have lunch. That's all.

But then, from the parking to the restaurant, we passed by Marithé et François Girbaud Shop. I glance...and wanted to look away...but the IT Guy (who's the real culprit for the overspending this weekend) said let's check. Who am I to refuse?! ;)

We left the shop with two bags!

I got him a nice wallet...and myself...a wallet! Yes...I just spent money for wallets! LOL

I was kidding the IT Guy that this is in preparation for more income! We need nice wallets to accommodate all the cash...LOL (Who am I kidding huh?!)

So we had lunch. It was nice...and I finished my food. Something most people would cheer to...but then, let me tell you folks...I've been eating a lot lately!

So we wanted to burn whatever we ate and so we strolled around the mall.

Then I have to can be stressful you know! LOL

Yep...I went shopping! And the IT Guy did not even frown a bit. He just let me.

I feel so like a princess!

Online Tutorials

I was on the phone with a friend few days back and our topic was back to school blues.

You time again. She needs to wake up early again...and prepare for the kids...and of course the dreaded part (her word)...the tutoring part. I'm guessing because not all of us love to teach or can teach. And second and the most important is that, we are not all subject matter experts. She hates math and she doesn't know how to teach her young ones math and make them love it. She hates math. She might just make them hate it too! Ha!

I'm not a Mom yet and when I become one...I'm not sure if I will have that kind of issue since the IT Guy used to teach in the university and was teaching engineering maybe he can take care of that?! friend told me she's happy to know that there are online Math help available. I was you read lesson plans online and study them and hoping to teach your kids the right things? (I asked jokingly and nicely.) Turns was not what I thought it is as she really meant online math tutoring!

So there are online math tutors (even free online math tutoring) in the net. They provide services at a minimal fee and will give your kids 24 x 7 access to their services. So it will be like having a round the clock teacher. How cool is that?! This seems just perfect for kids from kindergarten through 12th grade (K-12).

All because of the internet!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Movie Theaters


This is SM City Cebu's Theater...they are currently working on converting their 8 standard theaters into IMAX before end of this year.

I have not been there lately...and not a theater fan....but I'd love to try it soon!

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Happy weekend everyone...