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Thursday, January 27, 2011

PostSecret...Always Makes Me Cry!

Today, I managed to go home earlier than usual for an early appointment later. I decided to visit PostSecret...and it still makes me cry...for all good and not so good reasons. Today, I've never felt so lonely...well at least for the past months that I've been joggling too many things at work.

I guess I just need a hug...if only I've got someone with me right here...right now.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Devoid of Words...

bother me NOT now
i'm in "I'll kick your @$$" mood
and i don't know why

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Ruins

The Ruins, Bacolod City

The Sunday after Christmas allowed me time to explore some parts of Bacolod City. Details of this visit are in my Tuesday's Tales!

Happy Wordless Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Christmas Escapade

The Sunday after after Christmas allowed me and the IT Guy some time to explore Bacolod City. We visited few places with a good friend of ours, Hustler.

The first stop was at The Ruins!

 This place was owned by one of the prominent families here in Bacolod. It's an old house that they burned down intentionally to prevent it from being used as Japanese headquarter during the Japanese - American War.

Here is the IT Guy with our friend Hustler!

And of course, Mariposa wanting to fly! LOL

Here are my two bodyguards...

After having coffee at The Ruins, we proceeded to Mambukal Resort. It's a hot spring resort...with very affordable but decent cottages.

The kids are playing!!!

All in all it was a very fun Sunday...and we're so glad we found the time. We've been meaning to visit these places since we got here in Bacolod but work always get in the way. It was so worth our time!

If you happen to visit Bacolod, make sure to find time to visit these will LOVE them.

So that's it for my Tuesday's Tales! I hope to being more fun tales in the weeks to come.

When It's Cold...

A little late for Fun Monday...but glad to still make it! 

Ari is hosting this week's Fun Monday...and she sets the following theme --

Theme for Jan. 3:  I live in a climate with a long, cold winters. Over the years, I've built up a supply of clothing and items to keep warm and dry. I think of them as my arsenal for winter combat. What's in your winter weather arsenal? Or, if you don't have tough winters where you live, tell us about something you own that you wouldn't want to be without.

Now...I live in the tropics and we have no winter, yet I've tried it when I had the chance to travel to US and some parts of Europe...and I'd day I can't survive winter! Yes, I just can't. 

While I live in the tropics...I can still participate Fun Monday I guess. *wink* We have our rainy season here which is the colder part of the year...and it is around this time. I know it's nothing compared to winter in the US and other parts of the world...but well...

For rainy season...I usually wear sweaters and jackets, like this one!

It's an old photo...and in fact I have posted this already here...but hey, I just don't want to miss Fun Monday anymore!

P.S. My apologies for messing up the past Fun Mondays. The change of work just got me really busy beyond words...while it is something I have been wanting for so is also killing me in some ways. I will be very careful with my wishes next time! LOL

Happy New Year guys...and wish you all a great week ahead!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

First Mutterings of the Year

And for the first Unconscious Mutterings for the year 2011!

  1. Carwash :: wet and messy
  2. Intuition :: gut feeling
  3. Desperate :: I will never be!
  4. Tears :: ...on my pillow.
  5. Purple :: Purple Rain
  6. Storage :: warehouse
  7. Duct :: duct tape
  8. System :: system administration
  9. Cabinet :: cabinet members
  10. Manager :: leadership
Hurray, I made it to my 2nd day of NaBloPoMo! This month's theme is all about friends...and friendships. I will be sharing more about this topic in the coming days. I really appreciate a friend's patience. He waited for me at the airport for more than three hours because my flight was delayed by an hour. Yes, even before the delay he opted to wait for me already. How? We both arrived back here in Bacolod this morning and his arrival was way earlier than mine. These are small gestures that mean so much to me. Thanks for patience Hustler. I owe you one. ;)

Saturday, January 01, 2011

NABloPoMo January

This year I resolved to be blogging more often...and what better way to do it than by committing to NaBloPoMo? Yes, I am committed to blogging every day of January. I am hopeful that this will add more balance to my so imbalance life right now. This will allow me time to sit and be with myself...blogging is always about me spending time with myself. For the past years, I'd say this has kept my sanity. =)

Wish me luck with my first New Year resolution!