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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

IT Matters

So...let's talk about I.T. then!

If you know me personally it wouldn't be too odd for me to be talking to you about information technology (IT). In fact I should be talking to you about it in most times as my profession revolves around it and as well as IT Guy's.

There have been several times that I did attempt to bring IT here. One was when I did a post on how to do Mr. Linky post. I promise to post more tips...some easy tricks such as making a different image appear on a click through among others!

But today will be I.T. Matters as far as my personal life here is concern. Yes, I'm talking about blogging and my BLOG world...this world wide web of ours!

How much of you have gotten so much into blogging that you seem to consider getting your own domain and stay away from or urls? Did you ever thought of getting your own? I know some who already did!

For the past weeks now I've been contemplating of getting my own domain. Next question in mind though is where will I host it? We can still do it through Blogger or Wordpress for me right? The more questions raced inside my mind...such as - Will I have not have a hard time informing other bloggers of my new URL? Will they bother update their links? Will they lose me? Will I lose them? Then all of it just seems too much that I just STOP in the middle of everything.

So here I am still
on blogspot!

Yet, last week as I was updating my resume and was contemplating on getting a domain name for myself (I mean the corporate Mariposa!) upon the IT Guy's suggestion I went through the same motion I did when I thought of getting my own domain for this blog.

I got to this
webhosting site directory! They have a list of affordable web hosting providers. Another thing which I discovered is that most of those organizations provide multiple domain hosting which means we can have several domains (sites) hosted under one account. So if your site is just for pure blogging and some personal stuff, getting this kind of web hosting service would be great!

Another area of opportunity I saw is trying to earn modest amount of cash from your blog enough to pay for the domain and web hosting service. Well this is a bit easy and doable once the site or the blog has reached certain exposure which mostly is determine by the number of people linking to you, traffic or number of people visiting your site and of course how often you update your site's content. All these in a nutshell is what this SEO (Search Engine Optimization) all about.

Most of you may have heard of it and for those who have not, you may want to check this blog on
SEO and Website Design. My site has been here for a little over 3 years now and though it has passed several winter seasons in blogging I'm glad to know it has survived! And after a long time of ignoring potential income in the can now see some Google Ads posted in the sidebar. I'm just trying it out and see what it gives me!

Another thing I did is signing up at PayPerPost. They say you get paid to blog the things you love so why not?!

Curious? Try it!

Hugs and Kisses!

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It seems that you have, in fact, taken the plunge, and opened your own domain now with