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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another Lazy Sunday

Not just today but I'd say the entire weekend...though I'd say I was able to cover some things to do on my list.

Few weeks ago I had some allergies in my legs, got some red marks on both lower legs...causing me to wear pants since I get back to work after the long holidays. Just ugly!

It's no big deal to me really since I'm used to getting those...just that it gets a bit irritating at times! That is one problem of being Asian, we are prone to hyper-pigmentation after an inflammation. So yesterday morning I finally decided to hurry and solve my issue and went to the dermatologist. and while I was waiting for my turn, the IT Guy kept snapping photos...and looks like I just have to share them here to recognize his efforts...yes we he got bored! LOL

So finally, my turn! And well, she's nice (the dermatologist I mean!). She said it's just post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. And since there are no more itchiness nor redness she, like me, just wanted to get rid of the blemishes. So she gave me a set of exfoliant...and told me we need to do some laser cool, no worries!

So there I was in the operating/procedure room...and then they told me instead of the laser per dark spot procedure they're going to do fractional resurfacing pixel and some form of skin rejuvenation...all for $300. Sure, no big deal! Yet...and I have to say this is the one that bothers that, she never told me about it the whole time. Even the time she was putting in the set of exfoliant she was giving me, she never bothered to tell how much they cost. My take on the matter is...does she do that to all her patients? Are all her patients rich enough to cover everything she will eventually charge them the moment they walked out her clinic? Or it only happens to me?! Because this seems to happen to me every time! In salons! And for the most time, okay, maybe all the time I just suck it up and allow them and just wonder later on what happened to my cash.

Well, for the first time I found courage to say...hey stop...that is not what you told me you're going to do to my legs. You have not explained to me yet the entire process...what does it do, what are the things that I'd be not allowed to do after and most of all, how much! is safe and nothing to worry and only $300. can use your credit card...or you can just withdraw from the ATM and come back! Is that not extortion in milder form?!

First of all I know what a resurfacing do...and oh my, my legs do not need it! I just have little blemishes which to be honest will not bother me enough to wear skirts! I went there to make sure it does not happen again...and to ask what caused it in the first place! I don't need some peeling and fact I'm going to the beach in a week time because I love to be under the sun...I love being tanned. And she did not even bother to tell me if I do undergo those procedure/treatment whatever I can't be in sea water and be exposed to the sun. Did she bother to tell those? No!

Anyway, I left with her items in that little paper bag costing me $150...for a soap, little lotion and a cream. I honestly think I don't need these...

IT Guy was LOL the whole time we're on the way home. First of all he was shocked I said no...because I don't know how to say no. Second...just WOW for her odd ways. $300 is a 3-month income for most people here...and just how sad that others will just spend those to peel one's legs to get rid of some little blemishes! And ha, I need to get that procedure every 2 weeks...I'd say and I bet in a week time I'm going to lose these marks they always do!

Well...enough of my ranting on that. LOL

I spent my entire Saturday afternoon watching movie with IT Guy...then went to bed quite early and was up around 4AM of Sunday. (I need to make a separate post for this.)

Today is another lazy day...I'm just home watching movies again...eating seafoods with IT Guy...and here is our leftover for today's lunch!

Then I checked the backyard and saw some veggies...

It always give me unexplained pleasure to greens...and I'm so happy that our garden here is just as happy as the people.

Just a few minutes ago, IT Guy and I were talking of traveling. I've been trying to hold off any plans on out of country travels for several reasons one is the fact that we are getting married and I'm trying to hold on to our savings. But it will never do harm to discuss travel plans...and we haven't decided where to go after the wedding yet, and touring Europe tops the list.

He told me I need to see London again as I have not been there for years now...that we need not spend so much passing by there are now quite affordable and decent hostels in london and some nice restaurants to check. He knows from experience that I am not exploring adventures type as I just dine in the hotel where we stay most of the time. My say is...well I need Filipino food...find me a restaurant that serves Pinakbet! Pinakbet is my favorite Filipino vegetable dish. He said, if there are some Indian restaurants in London there must be a place which serves pinakbet...we'll see! He also told me we can check some cinemas in London...LOL i'm not really sure with London...but I know I want to tour Europe again! ;)

Any suggestions?

Finally...time for my Unconscious Mutterings!

  1. Lease :: ...of Agreement

  2. Dead :: ... or Alive!

  3. Removed :: ...from the list.

  4. Broke :: ...the trust.

  5. Lips :: read my lips!

  6. Flight :: exhausting!

  7. Three hours :: to get ready for a date!

  8. Give :: one's self!

  9. Technical :: ...specifications?

  10. Hurry :: You Can't Hurry Love!

Wish you all a great Sunday!


Everything and then Some..... said...

I agree on your #10. Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

most folks just go along! Good for you for standing up.

I dunno about the Europe thing. Several bloggers that are cool from there they might could hook you up with some green veggies!

Have a lazy day!

Jan said...

I've never had a Dr. do that. Here, they could risk their medical license or being censored for unethical practices. Good for you!

lupusurvivor said...

nice muttering for number 10. thanks for the visit.

isaiah said...

luckily u stood up for yr rights. it sounds like they were trying to con you with a bigger bill

Anonymous said...

What great Mutterings.

broca's area said...

hm....this is new to me...trtm for pigm!!...thanks:)

and am happy tht u dared to qn really do tht..milk the customer as they want...

p.s-nice snaps;)

sbwrites said...

It's great when you learn to say, "No." In fact, it feels good to write, "No. No. No."

When I was at my very sickest moments, I went to doctors and alternate healers who charged a fortune for services that never helped me. And I paid because I was desperate.

But, I applaud you for your actions!


Momisodes said...

Wow! Is that bitter melon? They look great.

I'm so sorry that happened at the dermatologist. That is horrible she didn't even allude to the cost. I'm sure others have sticker shock.