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Monday, December 21, 2015

Party With The Nifties

I have been wanting for months now to start blogging again.
But what do I blog about? I have nothing to say.
So today, I am trying to overcome this sill 'when you have nothing to say syndrome' just to get me going. Just to keep my finger busy...and I will keep hitting the keyboard with whatever nonsense excuse there is to talk about. Ha!

While no doubt the holiday season is keeping everyone in a rush...I on the other hand seem to slowly find my balance, and hopefully I get to have that full rest before Christmas! Last weekend was fun, I had a great time with the girls, and I promise I am going to blog about each of them! Yup, soon!

These are snapshots of the fun times we had...

Good food. Good wine. Great friends. Indeed, I am blessed.