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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2009!

The weekend got me very busy preparing for the new year...ummm, I mean Chinese New Year! ;)

My family always celebrate Chinese New Year...and this year is no different. It wen with a bang as always...though no photos for me to share...I can only do so much with just one arm working 100%...but anyway, it was just more or less like last year, so you can view photos here.

The fireworks this year I'd say was more awesome! LOL IT Guy did find a good supplier this time and got some new ones...a lot safer and more spectacular! ;)

2009 is year of the's a hardworking animal so most people say it will be a tough year for most people and that we need to work hard. The Ox does not carry a good relationship with the Sheep, which happens to be my I need to tame the Ox for this year I guess...yet, they say, despite that, it will be good for Sheep born on '79...ooopsss that's me! LOL

For me, 2009 is the aftermath of all the strategic thinking I did for 2008. This year will be the time for me to move from the greater picture to details. As the passing of 2008, which was the year of the rat, will be about clearing out Business MODELS and learning to take care of 'details' little things impact the bigger things and to be in the mercurial mode and water it prepares us for SOME SOLID NEW STEPS. Yep, solid new steps for me!

This year I'm going to finally take some STEPS, small ones but REAL ones in my LIFE and upon the changing the world around me! This year I will once again continue to build on that foundation I need...ha, wish me luck...and join me in my journey!

I offer you ALL Eight gold fish to wish you all
Good Health,
Long Lasting Love...
and Happiness!

Xin Nain Kuai Le (Happy New Year!)...Gong Xi Fa Cai (May Prosperity Be With You)...and May the year bring you blessings of great fortune!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

God Who Sends the Wound...

Sends the Medicine!

This post covers both my Word Filled Wednesday and Thankful Thursday...

I know it's been days again since I last posted something here...and I promise several things. I did watch Sinulog and was about to post some photos, 'til I get into an accident at home.

I slipped...from the chair I was rocking/ playing with (ha, I always play with chairs, and it always get the better of me!) and I fell. while on the way to my trip down to the floor, I was trying to hold on to the table, grabbed the tray instead...and landed on the knife...or was it the knife landing on me.

It was so thing I knew was, I was bleeding and people at home panicked because I had a deep cut! You would think I cut a nerve...
But just as God's promise to us, he did deliver me from what could be the worst thing that could happen to me...and Psalms 121:7 below said it best!

"The LORD will keep you from all harm --
He will watch over your life..."
- Psalms 121:7

So many things to be thankful for --

♥ God encloses me with His petal of protection. I ended up with 2 lacerated deep enough that it needed to be stitch, and one wide enough also needing a stitch to close and heal it fast...yet none of them serious enough not to let me continue the things I normally do. I did not cut any nerve and I did not have to stay in the hospital. Praise God for keeping me from harm. The accident was a clear message that bad things can happen, but He will deliver us from the worst.

Look, I still am typing...

♥ The traffic on the way to the hospital was unbelievable as the Sinulog Grand Parade just ended. To that man wearing an orange shirt who took the initiative to get off his car and facilitated the traffic flow to make sure we get to pass, I may have known your name, but I will always remember you in my prayers...God bless you!

♥ To all the cars who did all their best to let us through, thank you and God bless you all.

♥ To the people at the ER who attended to me...thank you very much. You were so attentive, helpful and fast...thank you!

♥ To the doctor who did my stitch, thanks for carrying the conversation with me while doing the procedure. You made the sight and the whole bearable...thanks a lot!

♥ To the head surgeon, thanks so much for the fatherly care...

♥ To the secretary of the are so friendly and caring...may all the clinic in the world be blessed with people like you!

♥ To IT Guy, I have never seen you panic that way for the many years I have known you. Not even during the time we had to rush your Dad to the ER...thanks so much for all care. You made things bearable and easy for me...

And so many other wonderful things to be thankful for! Let me end this post with wishing you all a safe and wonderful day!

I invite you to join us in celebrating God's gace at Word Filled Wednesday...and please remember -- Everyday is the best time to give thanks!

Please check Thankful Thursday
d together let us celebrate
all the
things we should
be grateful for!

P.S. The blade/knife did cut my arm... but not my spirit. It may leave some marks...but it will be there to remind me how great God is and how He delivered me from harm. I hope people with scars will look at them the same way... ;)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Look Who's Back...

I'm back!

I have been silent I know...2009 gives me so many reasons to be silent! LOL

Anyway...though let me give you an update on the things that I have been into for the past days/ weeks since the start of 2009!

Ch@ni made a post on LOVE. Yes, that 4 letter word...she titled it "It's a Love Issue...and Sometimes Love is Tough..." The title was rather eye catching, as most of her posts, and as I was going through it, I was struck...and hard enough for me to make some internal assessment. Not that I don't do that, it's just that, this time, it's different.

Her post was on what is it that we are really hungry for?! For most of the times, these are the things that made us cling to some things (materials, relationships, etc.). The sad part is, these things do not necessarily do us good, though they may make us feel good for the time being.

For some people eating is an escape! For others, it's work. For myself, sleeping has replaced work. I have figured, the world tends to go round smoothly without me! LOL I am also a shopping addict! There I've said... It is not something uncontrollable since I am still yet to file bankruptcy due to shopping, yet, I always find myself buying that I don't necessarily need, and I am talking about both real and online shopping. I am an accurate example of that woman referred to the line, I have to hold her hands when we are in the mall/ store or she goes shopping! Funny, NOT!

So I did a personal retreat and examine myself...what is it that I am actually hungry for? Things that I love...I need...that most often gets substituted with food/shopping/sleep.

So I made a simple short list of things that really matters to me. Nothing fancy. I tried avoiding the generics so as not to end up talking to myself in rhetoric. I have shortened it to just 3, expandable to 5, these are the things that matters to me...and I will chart my way to it!

♥ I will start with centering my faith. They say, start where you want to end, so for this week's Word Filled Wednesday, no fancy photo for me...just the following words --

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
- Matthew 6:33

I am setting my life straight...and I have renewed my covenant with my God. I have set my priorities and this year will help me pave my way, I'm going there and I will make it!

♥ Let's talk about shopping...

Let me point it out here that for the last quarter of last year up to this date, I have been successful in lowering my shopping trips/activities!

♥ And I have been sleeping a lot on weekdays...which means, I am doing something good for my health...not the sleep I used to do when I want to escape something...because those sleep only gets to visit me after being up for 72 hours because of some things I am anxious about...that I finally stressed myself and had decided to sleep for hundred years.

I am getting good sleep...and the ones my body actually need.

♥ I am slowly circulating again...

And well, also, another reason for my silence here is the upcoming Sinulog here which will be this Sunday. I have blogged about it last year, and I hope to write more about it this year.

So part of circulating again is getting myself involved with society events again..speaking of which...I (with IT Guy) just watched Miss Cebu tonight. We got VIP we were really sitting next to the stage and had a good look at all the lovely candidates. I will make a separate post about it, promise!

It's nice to see old faces...and I feel IT Guy's excitement with me going out in public and formal events with him. :)

So this Sunday, we are going to watch the Sinulog...something I have skipped for years. I did watch last year...but not something like really stay in the area the whole time...this year I intend to stay...and get involved!

Wish me it will be very crowded there! LOL

♥ The next week will be for Chinese New Year preparation. For those of you who are new here. my family always celebrates Chinese New Year, Cebu celebrates it it has been part of our traditions...

♥ I am working on my personal development. I intend to get more studies this year and to do more trainings and write more training materials on process improvement...will talk more about this in weeks to come!

♥ IT Guy and I are going serious with our investments. We've figured it's our little way of helping the economy.

♥ And finally...ha, I wish I have photos for this...but maybe one of this days I will find time to make a post just for this...

After years of being together...I have decided to wear IT Guy's diamond ring. ;)

Yes...yes...yes! January 2010 will be our month...and I hope you can journey with me from here to that time as I will be needing lots of ideas from you all.

So there folks...the things that has kept me from being here...this is supposed to be quick and short...but well...I'm just typing this out from my head.

I will visit everyone...and I mean everyone later...and will catch up with the rest this weekend!

I miss you all and I love you all!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year!

I've been away I know...I was doing some rearranging with my life.

What else can I say?

Ah, I wish YOU ALL a wonderful and more meaningful year ahead!

I apologize for being a slacker, I'm just into so many things right now...either I find myself thinking of too many things in succession too fast, or I am too focused on just one thing exclusively at that what you call madness?!

Anyway, I'm starting and restarting my life, and I am wishing myself a better 2009 as well.

I'm not quite sure when will I post again...but I'll just be around lurking.

And also, for those who sent emails/messages, thanks so much, I really appreciate them!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

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