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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Botox Anyone?

I frown a lot.
I think I frown even in my sleep.
At 34, while I enjoy people's compliment about how young I look (thank to my being tiny! LOL) I can't help but get a little conscious with some lines in my forehead. Especially that line between my brows! And it bothers me ALOT especially when I put on makeups.

Anyway, a friend of mine who is 3 years younger than me just told me that she had Botox! I was like...really?! How? Don't you think you're too young to get Botox? I honestly thought only people in their fifty's or around that age get Botox!
She explained to me that prevention is better than cure. What she actually  meant was, it makes more sense and is more natural is one applies Botox at the first sign of lines or wrinkles. That way, it puts a stop to it. This is better than ironing your face after getting too many lines...and the former will make the effect more natural and hardly noticeable. That I agree, because I can never tell if she had Botox before she told me. Not like some older people whom I can readily see that they did something to their faces. If you get what I mean.

She further explained to me that the procedure was not painful at all. After the procedure she continues with her life...she doesn't have to rest or stay at home. And she started seeing the benefits in just a few days. She just answered all the questions I have been keeping all this time. :)

I think I am going for it! LOL

The only thing it will be a repeat process.
It is not a one time deal. One need to have it every 3-4 months...and she's been on it for almost 2 years now.


I will be going to Miami in a month time...and she told me there are lots of good clinics in Fort Lauderdale. I might check it out while visiting her. So excited.

For those wanting to know more about can read more.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Gayle Forman Book Signing Tour in Cebu 2014

I made it to Cebu!

Honestly I am not here for the Sinulog...I am here for Gayle Forman.

I have not really read all her books...but I like her "If I Stay".

And I am trying to get myself some finally do something about my plan to publish a book.
Hmmm...ambitious I am! LOL

I am too early...but I am enjoying having coffee with Mom. :)