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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Congratulations to Hustler!

calmly he arranged
the chessboard pieces - soldiers
marching to vic'try

he was in control
as tension surrounds the game
a knight leaped, checkmate!

This is a rather late Friday Haiku but then I have to make a shout out for that friend of mine who just won the chess tournament help at our main office in Makati. Congratulations!

I know I promised to give you something...and well as you know by now, I always keep my promise...right?! ;) So just wait for it!

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Keith said...

Ahem...I never thought you're a fan of chess...or just a fan of Hustler?

Is he somebody I know?!

Mariposa said...

I'm learning chess now Keith! And Hustler is a friend...