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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Anyone Looking for Windows Drivers?

Let's rejoice!

I found a site which offers official windows drivers. If there is one thing I learned the hard way it's the pain of going through recent driver updates. Add to that the challenge of finding the right patch for you. I am so glad to stumble upon this site. Now I don't have to worry about any computer drivers update anymore.

One effective ways of solving updates issue and to make sure you get the right patch at the right time is to make sure you are always updated. BUT then not all of us go through the hassle of looking for updates everyday right?

Guess what, this site offers Driver Detective which automatically scans the computer and looked for any outdated drivers, once the scan is complete it downloads the latest official drivers from its database and allows you to install these new drivers. All for just about 5 sweet minutes! Ha!

It works for me...and I'm sure it will work for you. You may visit the site if you wish to know more about Driver Detective, how to install it and make all your windows drivers up to date!

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