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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cute, Trendy, Maternity Clothes!

Well as most of you know I just turned 30 and to be honest I've never felt so pretty in my life! ;)

So my friends are kind of comforting me and telling me I look way better at 30...ha! So my mind is at work again and I was telling the IT Guy once we get married I want to get pregnant and I still want to keep the way I dress when I'm pregnant. Is that possible?, was all he mustered.

Yes it is!

The fashion world has evolved and well pregnant women can be just as sexy! (I honestly think they're the most sexy and beautiful...anyway.) So just how can pregnant women still be sizzling hot while carrying their babies inside their womb?!

Well there are just so many cute...unique and trendy maternity clothes out there, a break from the usual big, boxy maternity clothing we used to see.

I'd love to wear this when I'm pregnant! It's cute...isn't it?!

Calling all pregnant women out there looking for trendy maternity clothes, you may want to check Kikis Fashions. I so LOVE their collection...I so want to get pregnant already! Ha!


Junebug said...

That is a great maternity top. My daughter wore her cute clothes the whole time she was pregnant. She also just got some kind of belt that you can cinch your jeans with for extra space. You do look great at 30, Mariposa (butterfly).

Jill said...

I did a post just like this for pay per post. ha! I'm 30 too, and just had my first baby, I didnt think I looked too baby (until the very very end, and NO ONE looks good at the very end!)...sigh.

Janice said...

That's adorable. I was 36 when I was pregnant and it did matter how I dressed, so often the pregnancy clothes look like what a teenager on the farm would wear. It's nice to wear city clothes as a city girl.