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Saturday, August 22, 2009

An Ongoing Side Project

IT Guy and I had breakfast at the airport with our friend this morning. He's going back to Manila and well I'm missing him already...he has been a good friend of mine and he is also into IT.

While he's here we've been looking into maintaining several websites (personal and client-based). For the past weeks I've also purchased several domains for my other small business. None of these domains are up yet. We still have not decided which hosting company to get.

Since he is into IT I could have let him decide on it...but well he said he'd rather read several reviews on hosting sites.

So he did find an interesting site offering reviews on web hosting ratings which helps us see which is the best website hosting company according to ratings. There you can find different web hosts, their prices and the different services they offer and more importantly reviews. These reviews were quite good to a point that it covers almost all features in a plan that users usually asked and need to know.

Though 'til now we have not decided yet what to get, at least I'm happy with the thought that we have several options and we just have the information we want to know before we could decide. And while choosing for a company to host should not be rushed, I'm sure by now already that we will get our host from their top recommendations.

So anyone of you shopping for a web host, you may want to visit this site and check their reviews. They also offer some valuable information such as ideas on multiple domain hosting which is what we are looking at right now.

So enough of my ongoing projects...wish you all a great weekend!

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