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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Need To Detoxify!

Ever have that feeling of being bloated for no apparent reason?!

Well I always have that. Actually lately I have this occasional constipation, that bloated feeling and gas or otherwise referred to as flatulence. Pfft!

I know it has something to do with diet...and well I'm a coffeine addict remember? So I'm guessing that has to do with well we always factor in stress.

To some people (myself not an exception!) these are just momentary stuff and well shouldn't be taken too seriously. But then lately I just read something about these things which I personally find a bit alarming.

Anyone heard "Death Begins In the Colon"? Well I read about it and I realize that these things which I'm been going through the past days/weeks could be something brought about by accumulated toxin in my body. Not a good news. Yet I am happy to know that there are many available methods for detoxification...specifically on colon cleansing. There are special formulas such as Colonix and Toxinout that can help us detoxify and clean our bodies.

I have to admit I know nothing of these formulas yet but thank goodness I found some online resource on colon cleansing. You may want to check it to learn more about detoxification.


sbwrites said...

Dear Mariposa,
Just wanted to stop by and say hi!


broca's area said...

hehe...just eat plain food for few days...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that you are at least feeling well enough to write a little bit, Butterfly.


Jen said...

That kind of bloating can signal many things, so if it doesn't calm down, please see a doctor - ovarian cancer can start that way, and it's often overlooked. Not to be alarmist - just concerned for you. Huge hugs!