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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

History At Hand

Still on the topic of Internet...I was discussing with friends over the weekend on its benefits. Though we may have different views on its pros and cons, we all agreed on educational benefit it gives to students...with the assumption that they are well guided of course.

When I was in school I spent most of time in the library. Needless to say I love to read. I love the challenge of looking for some information about something...especially with history. Unfortunately the library just like the human minds, can only restore so much. (Factor in practicality and please let's not be too overly radical about that statement, okay?! LOL)

So every time I do history essays I always have the need of going beyond the topic. It's always nice to have cross-references you know. But then that is only as good as the materials available at the library. That was one of the challenges I had then...

Goodbye to that as INTERNET welcomes us to this new age of information.

Now students can do online search and can find very good online history resources allowing them to come up with good history essay...history papers...and what have you?

So today, my cousin called me up and told me she needs help on her history exam and history papers. After some quick research online, I found a site which offer history at hand. It is a social learning site and an open coursework website for students. Not only I was able to find enough information for my cousin for her history papers, I also found there some history lecture note which was awesome and so helpful for my cousin!

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