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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dingy Davits

Few weeks ago my boss showed me a photo of the yacht he just bought with his brother. While I am more of a "mountain person", I fell in love with the thing! LOL

There is the infatuation side and there is the curiosity side. The infatuation side is the part where I admire the interior of the yacht, it's color and all the furnishings. That's all.
But I am very curious to know more about boats!

So I grabbed an opportunity to go to a deck for boats show.
We get plenty of them here...obviously I live in an island. :)
Anyway...I never realized until that moment that there are just too much to learn about boats...and what have you.

Then I got acquainted with davits. I did not understand anything about the mechanisms involved in moving/lowering a small boat like that of life boat (yes we can call them dinghy!). The person who invented it is a genuis!

If you are now as curios as I was...why don't you learn something new about dinghy davits!

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