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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Financial Planing

Heard of the saying, begin where you want to end?
Today I asked myself, what happens with everything I have worked so hard for if I don't wake up one morning.

We are never in position to know when we need to leave...especially for good. It is amazing how we take the time to plan a vacation...even the dress we wear to a party...but never what and how we will leave our properties behind.
Yes, I am talking about estate planning and trust planning.
Many times I see people going through the burden of looking for money to claim what was left for them. I wonder if those who bothered to leave them something meant to cause them any of those trouble. Of course they don't! Yet, I guess they also didn't know any better...then.

What I came to realize is estate planning and trust planning not only gives you peace of mind as to how and to whom you intend to pass on your wealth...but also also the reality that when you want to pass on something, it has to be of its full value. It's something that has to be fully to have every details as to how it will be executed is take care of. And I mean even the taxes!

Taxes can be very taxing! Ah, you tell me!
Thus, this is something you want to consult professionals with.

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