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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Condos Are Investments

I always believe that condos are a waste of money!
Well NOT anymore. Not if you look at them as investments. :) read it right, investment.
Don't just look at it as a place to live! Be creative.
I believe that the best way to add value to a condo are -

1. investing on general maintenance (this is given and most important!)

2. practical renovation from time to time!

General maintenance covers airconditioning...furnitures and fixtures...paints and patches. Don't try to cut corners here...the little money you try to save is nothing when you need to do a major overhaul due to lack of maintenance. This is what keeps the property young and attractive. :)

The latter...I want to elaborate further. If you are going to spend extra cash anyway in renovating your condo, I suggest you do the design in a way that one has the option of holding an office there.
Construction for offices in Miami can be expensive...but not when you've got already the place! I am a believer of DIY but for this one, I suggest you get professionals who can help you with condo renovations.

You can learn more about Miami condo renovation.

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