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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Values of Tradeshows and Exhibits

The IT Guy is already discussing with his plan in the near future. He seems going to the direction of having his own firm…yes you read it right, he wants to run his own business.

Now, he is not new to this as this is what he had been doing before he joined the government sector. So we started talking as to what do for start-ups. Obviously we need to decide what service or product to offer and what market to target. Then study the industry to check who are the players (both leaders and followers) and of course the market. It is also important to see if the market is not yet saturated and if we can still add few users or shifters. These things can be run through research and in our heads, however I personally believe that still nothing beats checking the actual behaviour of the industry players and its markets. How? Well, I believe new business owners or anybody starting up a business should seriously visit different tradeshows and exhibits. Each tradeshow can give you an actual grasp of how you will approach your business not only in terms of market identification and pricing but more important on how to get to your market. Any exhibit can give you thousands of ideas ranging from branding, to actual service or product delivery.

If you are starting a new business, you can visit here and find more information about tradeshow display.

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