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Thursday, June 03, 2010

It's Thursdayrrific!

This week has just been too much for me to a point that I keep asking myself how come I am still able to keep my cool. It's just not so me!

I have an upcoming major job fair career fair this Saturday. This will be the Company's first and obviously this is something which cannot just go wrong. So you can just imagine how hectic my schedule is...add to that the fact that I have to interview 10-15 people a day to fill in my first team of supervisors and trainers,arrghhh! The boss is away and won't be back 'til the 10th, thus I am just overseeing everything! I've been working at minimum of 12 hours a day and even at home I still do conference calls. 

I am not complaining. In fact it's amazing how I am still able to manage with everything...until today. Well not that I had a breakdown or something but just the day to say enough is enough. I visited the construction site and I was horrified when I saw what they were putting on the wall of one of the comfort rooms. It was just U.G.L.Y. Add to that the fact that it will just trap noise there and noise is just my number one enemy at the center. I called the building contractor/architect and all he can tell me was -- there was not specification and the contract says at minimum they just deliver toilets! Amazing. Just how exactly my week turning into something horrific just when I thought I am able to manage everything well. I don't even have to go through on other stuff which I am sure will keep me preoccupied for the next 2-3 hours when I could be in my bed having a good time with my pillow! 

BUT then, Thursday of Mariposa will not end so bad. Just when I opened Facebook, a good friend of mine Marcel Nunis just posted a favorite song of mine. I end up singing it with my Mom and I am just so up and happy right now. Call it my pendulum moment but who cares? It's Thursday rrific for me...but no longer horrific, but a big terrific Thursday night! 

Here is the video that made my day!

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