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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Own Too Many Domains

...and I am not using all of them!

Next to buying shoes, makeups and dresses, I buy domains. Yes, you read it right, I mean domains, and if I own a dotcom you can bet that most likely I also own the dotnet and the dotinfo. I know it sounds like crazy but as most of you know I am crazy with shoes and makeup and what have why should it be different with domains?! Anyway! I found this interesting webhosting site...and well on the contrary to what most of you expect which I presume is to find webhosting plans and offers there, you will find there instead options on what to do with your domains...especially those which you are not currently using. Also you get to read there reasons on why people buy several domains...and good thing I found some of my reasons there! ;)

So if you want to read more about what are your webhosting options and whether to do it with Linux of Windows, with a subscription or without, you may want to check it out. I found so many useful information there and I still have my eyes on Linux WebHosting as I really want to try it.

And that is for my quick Tech Tuesday post. I will try to write more about Linux WebHosting next week, promise!

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