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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Found My Ideal Glasses

It's been months now since I made an announcement on how my views were magnified. I have also been wearing contacts for about a month already. But then, lately I have been looking for a specific pair of glasses which I believe will be good for the house and when I am to leave the house last minute. I am looking for that type which does not have a temple pad, you know the sunglasses type only that they are not too huge to cover half my face which by the way I am fond of! (Yes, you read it right, I am like the Asian version of Jacqueline Kennedy Onnasis in terms, as most friends would say...and that is because I love wearing big sunglasses!) Anyway, I have been looking around was about to give up and was so ready to spend big bucks when I saw some nice pairs online for as low as $12! Woot! Now I can buy a few pairs in different colors...and yes I am just crazy like that. If I like something I usually buy extra pairs (or spare units). All in all I think I will still be spending way less than getting those expensive ones.


Anonymous said...

I hope you let us see them when you get them!

Anonymous said...

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