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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Nice To Be Hopeful

flying back to Bacolod
so full of worries
yet keeping the faith alive

clinging to that faint whisper
that sweet sound ever -
HOPE! nice to have you around

It is always amazing how the randomness to things tie up to something so big ready to swallow you. Middle of last week the IT Guy was complaining of something which made me strongly suggest him to get an executive checkup. For whatever reason we decided last minute include my Dad. We found out that Dad's sugar level was 360. Though to some that is quite low, for us who never tried it, it was really alarming. Plus the fact that he had been losing so much weight for the 2-3 months. So he was admitted in the hospital and is now under insulin. We are all in panic mode since we rarely see him get sick...maybe once in a year, he get slight fever, that's it! All these things had to happened while I am away from home. So I left Bacolod 1AM of Saturday and was able to see Dad at around 7AM. I haven been working like a horse and took the bus and the boat just to make sure I get there the soonest. I spent the my weekend at Cebu sick...and worried. Now I'm back in Bacolod and I'm still sick but more worried. Though he was able to check out today he is still under medication. I am just thankful to know that all his other tests were okay.

The IT Guy still has to go through some tests as well. God must have really so much confidence in me to let me go through all these. The call center will open few weeks/days from now. I have to focus on so many things at a time. But right now, I am just staring at one - HOPE.

It is always to have HOPE around! And of course all your prayers are welcome. :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

muah muah muah
Hugs sexy.

They will both be ok.

Good JuJu to you IT and dad!