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Sunday, January 02, 2011

First Mutterings of the Year

And for the first Unconscious Mutterings for the year 2011!

  1. Carwash :: wet and messy
  2. Intuition :: gut feeling
  3. Desperate :: I will never be!
  4. Tears :: ...on my pillow.
  5. Purple :: Purple Rain
  6. Storage :: warehouse
  7. Duct :: duct tape
  8. System :: system administration
  9. Cabinet :: cabinet members
  10. Manager :: leadership
Hurray, I made it to my 2nd day of NaBloPoMo! This month's theme is all about friends...and friendships. I will be sharing more about this topic in the coming days. I really appreciate a friend's patience. He waited for me at the airport for more than three hours because my flight was delayed by an hour. Yes, even before the delay he opted to wait for me already. How? We both arrived back here in Bacolod this morning and his arrival was way earlier than mine. These are small gestures that mean so much to me. Thanks for patience Hustler. I owe you one. ;)


Martha said...

Stopping by from Unconscious Mutterings! Great answers
mine are here

Romantic Novelist said...

Great blog you have there. I have only just found this Meme. Happy New Year.