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Friday, July 31, 2009

5 Things About Mariposa

I'm joining another fun Friday activity this week and thanks to Jean for hosting 5 Things Friday. This week she wants to know 5 Things About here are 5 Things About Mariposa!

1. Mariposa is not my real name.

2. Mariposa is the spanish for butterfly and I am crazy with butterflies. That explain why I use Mariposa as my pen name. It's been my pen name for years early as when I started writing for my school paper in high school.

3. Process improvement, quality assurance and operational excellence are things that I do beyond this blog.

4. I love children so very much. (And my greatest dream is to be a Mom!)

5. Life for me begins after coffee...especially at work!

That's it! 5 Things About Mariposa...if you want to join please visit Jean!


IT Guy said...

You forgot one very important thing. You have a very generous heart. :-)

Genefaith said...

greatest dream to be a mom?...such a nice dream..YES it is!!! I'm a new mom and I could say it's great to be a MOM!

Mine's up too...

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Mariposa is a great name.

Jean Stockdale said...

I love the name Mariposa-so fun!

Thanks for playing 5 Things Friday. I loved reading your list. Next week will be 5 Summer Activities You Enjoy. Please play along again. Hope you have a glorious week. Blessings.

Jean Stockdale