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Friday, July 31, 2009

MS Word 2007 Workarounds

How many of you have shifted to MS Word 2007? Well I did...or IT Guy did for me...months ago, without even informing me!

Can you imagine the hills and mountains I climbed when I was using it the first time?! And rest assured when I open MS Office at home it is because I am rushing some stuff at work. So there I was finishing some important papers in an unfamiliar WORD. LOL

Anyway...2007 offers some better features, just that getting familiar with its tools and the fact that it shifted to ribbons instead of the classical tools is kind of hard for people like me to adjust.

So...while familiarizing myself with it...I complain to IT Guy...every time I use MS Word at home. (At work I have the option which one to use!)

Today...I woke up and saw IT Guy using my laptop grinning. (He can barge in to my home office anytime you know.) I was like...and what's that look about? And he said...come here! I got you something and you will love it.

He got me Ribbon of Microsoft Word 2007 to Old Classic Menu and Toolbar of 2003. Yes it's a software that makes my life easy! I love it.

The software brings back the classic menus and toolbars of Word 2003 to ribbon of Microsoft Word 2007 letting you work with Word 2007 as if it were Word 2003. How cool is that? Add to that the fact that all new features of Microsoft Word 2007 have been added into the classic menus and toolbars of 2003. So while you are looking at that old familiar classi menus, rest assured 2007 icon ribbons will still be available at all times.

You may want to know more about the software and see if it works for you as it did perfectly for me!

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