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Friday, February 19, 2010

Mariposa's Preoccupation

Time flies so fast, it's been home for just almost a month. No trips to office, no graveyard shifts, no stress! I just made the best decision of staying at home and taking some rest before joining a big project. The past weeks allowed me to do so many things, stuff that I love to do and have been wanting to do but did not have the time. 

As most of you could guess I am referring to my online activities. Other than blogging and reading blogs, I have been able to do research and some readings. I am able to shop around too. And I don't mean just clothes, shoes and makeups. I have been shopping for my other passion - books! 

Shopping is a very good way to release stress for me! And I don't necessarily spend so much. What I enjoy most every time I do shopping the experience of going through several choices, examining each, comparing them against each other and then coming up with a decision. Now, imagine doing that from home because it's online shopping. I don't have to walk around in my high heels...and I can do it anytime!

Shopping for books is always fun but doing it online couldn't be better! That is because I always get what I am looking for and most of the time I have lots of discovery. Sadly the bookstores here doesn't have much of what I am looking for. is a showcase of the things I love and have been looking for. If you need to find me, go there, I'm always there!

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