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Friday, February 19, 2010

Get Paid To Shop Promo

I've been talking about online shopping and its conveniences the past days. Today I'd like to discuss about a recent discovery, the ma Cashback - Get paid to shop. Has anyone heard of it? Like me, I'm sure most of you have heard this get paid to shop programs many times but like me I have not really gotten into knowing it until now. 

Get paid to shop is well, exactly that! Every time you shop you get something it, a cash back. And take note, they don't give out promo credits but cash! Cool!

I know many people go to Target to find items which are reasonably priced. And well, if you go to, not only you find those reasonably priced items, but you also get 5% less for shopping online. But then, if you subscribe to ma Cashback, it let you shop, then through You still get your 5% off from Target, and an additional 2% off for Marketamerica. You 2% more without any inconvenience, a win win thing as how I see it. Subscribing to this program is free and this is a no obligation deal, so no harm in trying checking it out, like I did.

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