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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lessons Coming From the Road

Having engine trouble? Couldn't figure out what is wrong with your car? Give it up and get some professional help!

That is one lesson I learned while on the road, and for goodness sake in one of the roads in LA! That was some years ago...but that lesson I'm able to carry with me 'til now. I had some engine trouble and couldn't figure out what's wrong with the Honda Civic I was driving. I was guessing it was the head gasket that needs replacement, but boy, where and how will I do that? So I had to call the owner of the car and told her what was going on. After a long litany of my own car diagnosis, the friend gave me a very simple instructions, and that is to call Los Angeles auto repair

Why haven't I thought of that? Why did I not ask where to get some help rather than where can I buy parts?! LOL

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