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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Business of Helping the Elderly

I'm in a manic mode right now. I still have to start packing. And I have to pack a lot because I will be moving to a new city for the new job. I am quite excited just that so many things to do and as days passed, I feel like I have so little time left. Mom still has to visit the Grandma at another province. I really wanted to go as it might be 3 to 4 months before I could go and see her but then looks like it is not just possible. 

Grandma always has me worried at some point. I am very close to her and I cannot just be at peace with the thought that she is far from us and she live alone. Can you imagine an elderly living alone? While my Moms 2 of my Mom's siblings live nearby, it is just sad that we couldn't rely on them to take care of her. Good thing my Grandma is quite strong despite her senior years. 

So what Mom do to make things work is she or we visit Grandma 2-3 times a month to make sure her needs are covered. Mom for the most part go there to clean the house. Grandma cleans it too but Mom do the general cleaning for her. I think this is one area where the elderly has some challenge doing, cleaning their home. I am thinking since most of the elderly here either live alone or live with their children, they might be needing assistance in cleaning their home. I don't think our case is an exception. I was kidding Mom that we might as well get a cleaning franchise. That way we have some of the chores for Grandma covered and at the same time we have a business and we could specialize on helping the elderly, after all there is that latent demand and they are a captive market. Right?

Hmmm, let me go and think about this seriously now!

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