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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dress Children Like Chidlren

Fashion do give out its own statement and this is not just true for women but for young girls too. Yes, the little citizens of the world has also their own fashion statements. I am sometimes startled to see young girls sending out not so good statements with what they wear. I am not so particular with clothing, in fact, my rule is, whatever is comfortable. Comfort however in my book is extended to the concept of wearing appropriate clothing given a place and a time, so that way you are also giving a sense of comfort to the people around you. 

Have you ever seen young girls being forced to look like Hollywood stars by letting them wear model-like outfit? Not only these clothes make them look older, it robs them the privilege of being young girls! I mean, they are children, let them be, and start by letting them wear clothes suitable for their age. 

I always shop for children's clothes specially during the holidays and I always make sure I get what is appropriate for their age, so that way they look pretty young girls, and not an adult trap in kid's bodies. I found some really nice collection of children's clothes and I'd say these are what I consider as appropriate clothes for young girls. You can go check it out and I'm sure you will all agree with me on this.

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