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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Choosing Furniture

I am so excited with the new job that I have started shopping for some nice furniture, not only for the office but for the new home. I have not chosen a place to stay yet but it is always nice to start looking around as early as now.

In my search I found several good furniture both for the house and office. I have found some really interesting pieces and I can't wait to see the actual layout of the building (office) to finally decide if they would fit in there. And it is quite a bonus that I found some good deals too like the discount furniture offers! 

Now I am battling whether I chose some cozy fiber or get leather furniture. For one, the leather I am guessing is quite low in maintenance and will not host dust like some fibers. I can't stand dust as I have allergic rhinitis and this allergy once triggered take a long time to go away and is more than enough to drag me down. And THAT is the last thing I want when I'm away from home and has a new business to attend to.  Another consideration I am particular with is the color. I am very conservative and would like to stay with earth tones. I think I have them covered for now as well. All I need to do now is get to the new place and check.

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