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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pool Party Coming!

It's almost summer here and IT Guy is trying to fix the nephew's cute swimming pool. Then we thought of doing a pool party for the nephew's birthday. Well his birthday is still about 6 months from now that hey, we need ample time to plan! Especially that we might need to do some changes at the lawn to accommodate the said activity.

IT Guy told me that we need to consider having above ground pools. They are way cheaper and we can take it down anytime. Also with the limited space that we have this might be the best for us. Add to that the young nephew's safety. If we just simply remove the ladder, then he can't go in there anymore! Nobody here is a serious swimmer so I guess we will get by with this type of pool for now. I think I can take care of the aesthetic part and can make it look natural. Yes, we are that crazy to consider getting one for the party. We're too tired of hosting a party in a country club or hotel. I want a homey and cozy pool party so we do barbecues and those other fun stuff. After all, guests are all close friends. And more than anything we want the nephew to enjoy and I'm sure he'll love to stay in the water with other children. 

So now we have a theme for the nephew's birthday and we will start collecting items that will be good for giveaways. IT Guy said he will take care of the pool. Ha! So that is off my expense. The brother and SIL will once again complain that we might be spoiling the child, but who cares, flower blooms in abundant water!

And for you guys, you may want to have your own pool party too!


Andi said...

We keep on meaning to get a pool...but one thing or another comes up and it doesn't happen. Of course we are usually trying Freecycle or the like....but eventually it will happen.

Cesar (The Dog Whisperer) says that pools are good for teaching dogs not to be afraid of getting there nails cut....they have to concentrate on swimming instead. We will see if this works for our dog...I don't think it will.

Anonymous said...

I wanna come to your pool party!