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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ballroom Dancing

I've been away once again. No, I wasn't sick...not that busy as well, just having my lazy days. And though I was away here, I was at Facebook most of the times. Ha!

Anyway, one of my friends there won in a dance competition. It was a dance sport...something. There were times that I got interested with ballroom dancing. Well I am still but I just don't have those set of friends to go anymore. I think I miss it. I love dancing and more than specifically ballroom dancing. The IT Guy unfortunately falls into that category of "tough men don't dance". LOL There was a time though that he tried and started joining my Saturday dance practice, but that was short-lived. I wonder what happened. I guess it was our schedule, most likely my schedule. 

Right now more than anything I just want to go back to dancing. Nothing big and fancy like the way it used. No competition for sure, but there will be more fun I hope! 
So what's the first thing to do when you are into dancing?! Guess what! You have to shop for your dancing attire and that means those cute little dresses and a cute shoes to go with it!

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Anonymous said...

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