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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Never Too Late To Give Calendars!

We're in the middle of the first quarter of the year but certainly it's never too late to give out 2010 presents to friends and clients!

I still find companies and some people still sending corporate gifts. Most of the gifts I got the past weeks are pens, organizers and desk calendar. Needless to say I have just a lot of them right now! LOL

Mariposa and IT Guy did give out some as well. We also gave pens and some executive planners. We thought then we ordered a lot but oh boy, we did ran out! I never realized IT Guy has a lot of friends...and his corporate network suddenly seems bigger. Well for one, I work in the BPO and since it is off shore I cannot just send pens to clientz and friends in the US and Europe. The shipment would be way more costly than the item. Anyway, going back, yes we did ran out of supply. At first I was like, well, there's none so we stop giving. But wow, people are asking for it. We feel bad when they say hey you give so and so something, where is mine. Though they may say it jokingly but still, we can't help but wish to have more to give.

Enough for wishes, Mariposa is big on making things happen to today I opted to order more items. This time, not pens, but pocket calendars! After all we're still in the first quarter and Chinese New Year is still approaching, so I can technically argue that it's not that late yet, right? =)

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