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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Home Away From Home

The landscape of travel and hospitality industry has evolved and the new trend is travelers choosing self catering holiday cottages or other vacation houses for rent over the usual hotel accommodation. This gives most travelers more control as to how they plan their activities during vacation especially for family vacations plus the fact that this allows them to get more value out of their money. This recent trend also encourages more people to travel as this makes accommodation, which most of the time eats most of our travel budget, more affordable and manageable.

This is quite exciting as this allows travelers to have their own home away from home. Nothing is as exciting as having your own kitchen on your vacation and getting to try to cook and eat what you can find in the local market. Yes, that is possible with this type of accommodation as most of them are furnished and equipped. I can just remember the many times I got locked in a hotel room staring at my wall realizing how I missed my oven. This is also very economical especially if there are many of you because you can save on the food. Dining out can be quite expensive and I’d rather used some of my money for shopping. Ha!

Next time I go on vacation I am sure to get myself a good home away from home and it pays to get this service from some well-known providers such as Devon Cottages. Just like any cottages for rent, Self Catered Devon Cottages offers the comfort of home while being away from home. Their cottages are reasonably priced and are in good locations. You may want to check them out to see what options you have and start planning that vacation you’ve been wanting. I’m sure it will be something to look forward.

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