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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Value of Time

I've been saying it's the busyness that has made me neglect this site, but I guess for the most part it's me not able to manage my time right. And what might ask, just where did I get that. Oh well. Nowhere really. It's just that for the days, weeks, months and years I realize how valuable time is. Over and beyond that saying time is gold. And I will tell you why and how.

When I got so many orders for my lengua de gato, I was literally counting how much sales I'm going to make and how much my net would be. Then I made a time and motion study on how many packs we can make in a day, thus how much money you can make in a day making lengua de gato. So that when I spend the money from that project, I'm actually spending the time spent on that project and not the money itself. Ha! What an analysis.

But seriously that is so true. You spend a day's earning to buy you a pair of shoes and there goes your 8-hours. You saving up for 3 years to get that car, well, there goes 3 years of life locked up to get a car. I'm not saying this is a bad realization, just that with this one, now I'm making priorities on where to spend my time (money)...and it all goes to the things that matter most.

So what about you? How do you spend time? By the way, I no longer consider that line to be a metaphor!

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Anonymous said...

Yo now understand perfectly what I have said before.

If everyone saw goods and services in hours worked and not dollars they would be far more frugal and worldwide economies would be stable and better off.