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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Have Been To The Edge

It's Tuesday's Tales time once again and yes I am here. I made it! WOOT!

One of the many reasons why I got so busy the past weeks was my friend's visit to Cebu. We did a joint training on Project Management and Total Quality Management. But the tales here will not be about that, but rather the fun we had!

The first day was rather manic thus we decided to end it with a bang! So we went to Crown Regency to have dinner. But then it was not just dinner. I guess we wanted to get so hungry that we had to scare ourselves and tried the Edge Coaster.

I never thought I'd tried it as I've been telling my friends before I will never try it. Ha, never say never so they say...and now I know what they mean.

So what is an Edge Coaster. Will it is that! A ride at the edge of the hotel at the 37th floor mind you! A sure ride of a life. A hell of a ride for me. My friend kept saying it's controlled fear, to me, it's many's when you get excited hovering the city seeing all the buildings and lights and at the same time having that cliff hanger feeling because you are in a seating position, tilted up to 55 degrees and at the edge of the building.

So here is how I look in my first few minutes...

Cameras are not allowed so only them can take photos and you have to pay to get your hard copy. I have to thank Jherlie for sending me this soft copy to post here. I have something more fun, but I still have to ask the IT Guy to scan it. IT Guy missed it by the way because he had some business cocktail to attend to. (Well he told me he will not try it anyway. LOL)

We had to take some poses after that nerve-wrecking experience to settle our senses or we could have ended up eating horses for dinner! Hehehe

Behind us is Cebu!

This was just Day 1. Next week I will share more photos of our Cebu escapade!

Happy Tuesday people!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun. I'd like to see it in the light of day.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun fun fun to me!