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Monday, November 02, 2009

Fun Monday: Getting To Know You!

Happy Fun Monday everyone!

First my apologies for my late post, I went to Bohol (a nearby island) to visit my Grandfather's tomb. It's All Souls' Day here.

This week's activity is about --

Most of use have been blogging for sometime yet some of us just met recently or only get in touch every Fun Monday. So next week, I will be asking 2 things --

(1) Share something which you wish your readers would know about you. It could be something you feel you might need to clarify/ share, etc. 

(2) Ask three questions to your readers, and I mean all readers, whether participants of Fun Monday or not. The questions should be generic so that all your readers can answer them and that it will help you get to know your readers more. 

Here goes mine;

First off, if there's one thing I want my readers to know about it, I guess I can sum them up in bullet points --
  • I'm Filipina, and I'm based in Cebu City, Philippines
  • IT Guy is the love of my life (in case some of you wonders who he is!)
  • I'm very close to my family, and that includes extended family.
  • I love butterflies, thus I call myself Mariposa (Spanish of butterfly).
  • This site is such a part of me that I can't imagine shutting it down! And I so enjoyed the people I meet here.
Now that I shared some little facts about myself, I hope you can tell me about yourself --
  • Where are you from? (No need to be so specific, country, state, province is enough!)
  • Please share something that is specific to where you're from. Anything your place is known or famous for, etc. (For instance, Cebu is known for nice beaches, guitars, dried mangoes, etc.)
  • Pick one thing which you can associate yourself with.
 I'd like to thank the following people for joining Fun Monday, it's always nice to get to know people!



Grace (Next week's host!)


Anonymous said...

1: I'm from Omaha, Nebraska. Lived here all my life. I keep saying I'm going to move somewhere warmer when I retire, but since I probably won't get to retire until I'm 70... we'll see.

2: Omaha has a lot of insurance companies and telemarketers. :( On the positive side, we have a wonderful zoo and some great museums.

3: I'm a chocolate fanatic!

Anonymous said...

Cool to get to know more about you :) WOOT

Jen said...

1. I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.

2. Ann Arbor is most famous for the University of Michigan and the country's largest college football stadium. Football is HUGE here, but this is also a town that cares a lot about culture and politics.

3. Books

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Ah, Butterfly Lady, lovely post!

To answer your questions,

1) I'm from Houston, Texas.

2) Although it's the 4th largest city in the US, it's like a small town. It seems everyone you meet at least knows someone who knows someone who knows you. That's why we're so darned friendly here!

3) I'm allergic to latex and the adhesive on surgical tape. That makes me an interesting nurse and a difficult patient!

Janis said...

1. I was born n raised in the U.S.A. (Baltimore Maryland ...Charm City...steamed crabs n seafood is what makes this State a winner.

2. I now live in a small town in Hanover Pa. it is called the snack food capital of the State...Utz potato chips and Snyders pretzels are the biggest snacks produced here,Hanover foods are big also!

3. Music soothes my soul and lifts my spirits

Gattina said...

Fortunately the love of your life is IT and not ET, lol !

1. I am living in Waterloo, Belgium since 34 years. Before I lived in Brussels and before that in Germany

2. My town is very famous because of the Waterloo battle, which Napoleon lost. A lot of people started to know Waterloo through the Abba song.

3. I love cats (hehehe)

Sayre said...

•Where are you from?

The South, USA.

•Please share something that is specific to where you're from. Anything your place is known or famous for.

Sweet tea (is there any other kind?), heat and humidity, very large reptiles, spanish moss and mosquitoes

•Pick one thing which you can associate yourself with.
We have quite an impressive arts community here - writers, musicians, film schools - and unless you are here, you have no idea. I've been to terrific concerts and plays right here.

Faye said...

Hey Mariposa--great assignment. Here's my answers:

from? Louisville, KY

known for? fast women and beautiful horse--at least that's the joke. Actually KY is famous for raising thoroughbred racing horses for national and international races like the Kentucky Derby.

associated with? when I was working as a trainer I was often teased for loving flipcharts and colored markers because they helped me get a lot of group interaction.

Like the idea that you plan to be blogging for a long time.

Jodi said...

I'm going to do it,too. Better late than never, right?


Jodi said...

I forgot to answer your questions:

1. I'm from Indiana. Lived here my entire life except for 6 months.

2. Indiana is known for corn, basketball, and David Letterman. I know, impressive, huh? Oh...Indiana also has the Indy 500.

3. I associate myself with books and education. If I could, I would give out books to everyone, all the time.


grace said...

Where are you from? Kenya
Please share something that is specific to where you're from.
Kenya is beautiful, if you can afford a safari, go to Kenya.
It is known for long distance runners and it is beautiful
Pick one thing which you can associate yourself with.

wendishness said...

1. I am in Australia, originally from Melbourne, Victoria but now live in the state Queensland on the Gold Coast. (about half way up the east side of the map)

2. The Gold Coast is famous as a tourist destination for most Australians as well as International visitors. It has 4 theme parks, two wildlife sanctuaries, various other shows to see, pristine surf beaches, sub tropical rainforests in the hinterland.

3. I love cats!