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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Shopping for Swimwear

Two months ago, the IT Guy got my a swimwear, a hydra suit to be specific. I have to say it feels so good in the water for whatever reason. It's so sporty and exactly what I need to go back to the pool and to take swimming seriously again. Early this year my doctor told me to go back to swimming as an alternative to going to the gym since I told him I've had not time to exercise the way I used to. He told me swimming can be very good for my body and it can help me manage body pains and stress aside from my weekly massage.

Let's make it short I started using my new swimwear and my friend just LOVE it, that she told me all she want for Christmas is a swimwear. Okay! But then we're not the same size. Thank goodness online stores for womens swimwear. I found her a nice, cute swimwear for her size. I just placed an order and hopefully it gets here on time for the Holidays.

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broca's area said...

exercise always helps..keeps manythings away!!:)

put snaps:))