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Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer in the Philippines

Another beautiful Fun Monday folks. And I'm back here once again...

My Manila trip went fine and it was quite meaningful. I was able to meet some friends and it was fun despite the very busy schedule.

Fun Monday host this week is Janis! Her fun theme for this week is --
Since the Lazy Hazy Days of summer are upon us now, tell us what activities you enjoy doing outside and how do you stay cool. Share some photos of both if you wish.
Hmm...I'm from the tropics and well we have the sun all year round but we do have the our Summer too which was months ago. This month is the start of the rainy season but still I'd love to share what I do during summer...or whenever I feel like basking in the warmth of the sun.

Last Summer as I have mentioned here a number of times I enjoyed a skip trip south of Cebu Island with the IT Guy and friends. We hit the beach and oh boy...was it nice to be in that sandbar!

Here we are enjoying the sun and the sand!

Now...for the easy it is!

I love dining out and I always love to stay in the outdoors when I dine out...unless it's fine dining. A favorite pastime is going out for some halo-halo.

This is what we call Halo-Halo, literally means "mix". This is something very Filipino and summer here is never complete without it.

This is a mixture of ice cream, some fresh fruits, beans, crushed ice, cheese, and milk. Very refreshing...and it gives you the coolness that you need after basking in the sun. ;)

So if you visit the Philippines...make sure to try this out...

And now for some other fun post...please visit Janis to see who else are joining!


Jan n Jer said...

Ahhhh a Tropical paradise. The halo halo looks quite interesting and refreshing. Thanks for playing FM Mariposa

broca's area said...

here its raining which i really hate...enjoy!!:)

p.s-nice snaps;)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. that Halo-Halo looks great. I would like to try that one day. I love the beach. No get busy sister on the wedding plans ROFLMAO :)

Faye said...

Great beach photos, Mariposa. They could be a postcard. Glad your recent vacation went well. BTW, how are you liking your new job?

The halo halo looks like a glorious mixup--I could easily come up with my own version :-)

karisma said...

Okay you've convinced me! I need to visit. I will however wait till the rainy season is over! I am so over the rain down here! (and the cold). LOL

Gorgeous pictures! Just beautiful!

Janis said...

I just noticed that you volunteered to host next weeks FM. Thanks, I will get the word out.

Living Life said...

Oh that beach scene looks heavenly! You two look so cute! We are 3 or more hours from the closest ocean, so we don't get to see the rolling surf or sandy beaches too often. Happy FM to you!

Sayre said...

What an interesting mix of things to put in one dish! I think my son would LOVE it.