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Monday, July 13, 2009

Mariposa's Wedding Plan

It's Monday and I'm up early! I'm sitting here at the dining area for hours now...well I've been sitting here staring at my screen since 5AM. Can you believe that?

Anyway IT Guy casually asked me this morning on the progress of the wedding preparations. Well...not much progress. I feel so awful for it.

Anyway everything is as planned. It will be a sunrise wedding, preferably in the garden and if we get to book that place we've been wanting (but we have not had the chance to visit yet, Noverie I really need to contact Emily soon!) well it will be a garden/beach wedding at sunrise. Only few people will be invited to the ceremony as we have agreed to make it very private and solemn. After which we plan to have a champagne brunch. In the evening we plan to host dinner for that will be a large crowd. Initially the dinner will be at the mountain top overlooking the entire city and will end the night with fireworks and all. So that's the plan.

The details are to follow. That is because I have not taken time to work on the details yet. Anyway we still have like a year or I thought.

But somehow I felt bad when he asked me and I have nothing new to tell him. Well just a few weeks ago I saw a nice save the date stuff...and he loved it. But...after that...nothing.

So I did a quick research this morning and saw some very nice wedding favors online. Oh my how I love them!

I saw this lovely bridesmaids' gift, a chic manicure set! Take note the holder can be I took the liberty of adding our name on see how it looks. LOL

It's done...this will be my gifts for my entourage...I mean for my bridesmaids! Hopefully they'll love it.

For my wedding favors three cute items stand out...and well I plan to get all of it!

This is my favorite...a bit pricey though. It will cost me almost a thousand pesos I guess...but I think it's so worth it. I plan to use this for seat plan for my sponsors. They are formal, unique and has a garden touch with it. Don't you agree?! LOL

Then I found this cuties! So so pretty. This will be for the young ladies...

Then found this bottle shell bottle opener...which I think male guests would love to have!

Very favors and seat card holder all in one! I LOVE them all.

I have tried to group and categorize them and well I'm still looking for more options but I'm sold with these items already. LOL

I've been planning weddings for years now and while most people think it is to my advantage I'd say NOT. I just don't run out of so many ideas and well I want to be simple. I'm trying to be a minimalist...and more than anything trying to hold down my budget. Though with these items alone I'm sure to spending some cash. LOL

Okay...let me call the IT Guy so he can check this post. My Fun Monday will be posted later.


Anonymous said...

This sounds so unlike you. LOL I would have thought it would have all been taken care of by now. You are slippin' woman LOL But what you found looks great. :) Aloha

IT Guy said...

These are great gifts for the wedding. I love it! :-) I'm so excited now.

Mariposa said...

Thom...I know! That is why I'm trying to kick my own @$$ and move things...

IT Guy, sure! Just close your eyes and don't mind the price tags...LOL