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Monday, July 13, 2009

Turbochargers As Gifts

Most of you will agree with me when if I say that it is harder to find gifts for males than females, right?!

Well that is how I feel every time I want to get the IT Guy something. Okay...I can just focus on tech gadgets which can be pricey and most likely he already has or get him some car accessory. I can't think of anything beyond those categories.

Anyway before I left for Manila the other week, on our way to the airport he was like playing with the car and was speeding up and he mentioned something about turbochargers. Hmmm...

He explained that the air induction plays a major component in every car...and that oxygen is an important factor in a car's performance. I can't seem to remember so well how he explained it to me but it was something like a turbocharger helps improve horsepower and more.

So I am planning of getting him an audi turbo. I found a good source online and well it is not that pricey as I thought it is. You may want to check it out yourself if you want. ;)

I just want to get him something that most guys can't believe their girlfriend's would get them. I am so so! LOL


Anonymous said...

Good gift...I wouldn't know what to do with the damn thing. I just know how to put the keys in put it in gear and drive. Oh yeah I know how to do the climate control and radio LOL

A Secret Freak said...

Not so sure about what the heck a turbocharger is .. but, it sounds like he will love it.. I mean after all.. you actually listened to what he was saying.. doing better than me girl!

Cruise Mom said...

My husband and I reached an agreement a few years ago - before any major holiday/birthday we go online, find what we want for a gift, print out a page showing that item, and 'accidentally' leave it on the printer for the other to find!