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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Dressing Up Cellphones

I'm up way early than I'm here. I hope my sleepiness will kick in.

Anyway I'm surfing for cellphone accessories. I've been wanting to "dress up" the IT Guy's phone...just because!

Actually because he has no time and energy for it while I am always enthusiastic when it comes to shopping...LOL

I found this site which offers a wide variety of
cellphone accessories raning from headsets...cases and cover and faceplates!

I think it'd be cool if his cellphone will have a
faceplates skin of Start Trek since he loves that. And while leather case doesn't work for me...he loves that. He's been looking for a nice since and I think I found one cool!


broca's area said...

strange ur interested in these...usually girls arent no!!...;)

Anonymous said...

LOL...I can't be bothered with dressing up my phone...As long as it works :) Aloha